Artak Sarkysyan, Chef at Tatevatun

About Artak Sarkysyan, Chef at Tatevatun

It’s so amazing to be young. And also is very exciting. When you are young, the world seems so huge to you, possibilities are almost unlimited and you feel you can achieve everything! I’m so eager to preserve this feeling with me forever and ever. Well, I have no reasons to complain so far – I feel young by body and soul and by my profession. I’m Artak Sarkysyan, a sheer Armenian chef. And despite my rather limited experience, I learn passionately every single day. People often ask me if I always wanted to be a chef. Well, what to say... Not really always. More than that, my first culinary failure happened to me with banal scrambled eggs. By a twist of fate it jumped to the ceiling, shining bright against the whitewash that excited me a lot. But speaking seriously, I was always at the kitchen, and eager to try and experiment, not only with my tongue but also with my hands, I wanted to create something on my own.
  • Salad with Goat Cheese

Salad with Goat Cheese

Like it or not, but the salad is very, very versatile dish. Whether it's a holiday, a private dinner or a snack. It is so common in the good sense, hard to make a mistake. It is suitable for everyone. Adults and children, fastidious guests and not much for who enjoy light meals and those

  • Bean Salad Recipe

Bean Salad Recipe

Bean Salad is excellent, full and good dish. You can use any beans - green or baked beans. If you use usual beans, do not forget to pre-soak it in cold water, it will significantly reduce the cooking time. Beans itself is quite self-contained product, so it is possible to do all sorts of experiments!

  • Traditional Armenian dish of lamb meat is a great cause to have a cozy party at home with friends. Perfect Eastern appetizer for wine. What else is needed? Just a friendly conversation.

Traditional Armenian Dish – Lamb Recipe

Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest in Asia. Its characteristic features were formed thousands of years ago. Traditional dishes were admired even by Alexander the Great. And interestingly, many of the traditions of Armenian cuisine have survived virtually unchanged. And one of those dishes is lamb recipe called in Armenia khashlama. Khashlama (lamb recipe)

  • Goris baklava recipe from chef Artak Sarkysyan. Try to cook it. And then you’ll see happy faces of your nearest and dearest eating this baklava with zest.

Goris baklava recipe

There is hardly even a single person in this world who doesn’t know about baklava. The history of this dish extends back over 700 years. And it is popular not only in the Eastern countries, it stands as a symbol of sophisticated national delight all over the world. Baklava holds pride of place in the