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I'm a traveler, food photographer. Work all around a world. Shooting for the restaurants, brands, commercials and cookbooks. I love cooking, tiramisu and more the chocolate cake are my favourite dishes. I'm a jet-settler and I like flying and walking different cities. Love and wearing avant-garde fashion.
  • Best Hummus in the World

Best Hummus in the World

Hummus is incredibly popular. From Israel to Greece and further across the globe, it confidently walks and wins more hearts. It is eaten for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner, and even when your heart desires, because hummus is so so tasty. A method of cooking and the taste of hummus are very different depending

  • Best Pastry Recipes by Food'n'Chef

Best Pastry Recipes by Food’n’Chef

Christmas period is one of the best moments to cook something tasty. You want it or not, you feel tempted to enjoy a delicious dessert. The atmosphere is relaxing, all you want is to rest, drink hot tea or coffee and savour a slice of sweet-smelling pastry. Or enjoy it after lunch or dinner. Generally a

  • Hummus is Healthy, but More Important Delicious!

Hummus is Healthy, but More Important Delicious!

Hummus is a cold appetizer from the Middle East, which is surely captures the whole world. A dish of chickpeas. Hummus is known not only for its flavor characteristics, as well as the fact that it is very useful and popular among dieting experts, vegetarians and followers of healthy eating. The first mention of the

  • How to Eat Hummus

How to Eat Hummus

Hummus takes important place Middle East cuisine. Unless the king, but exactly the duke. Because of love to it. Big love. Hummus is a foreign guest, so sometimes we wonder - how to eat hummus? How to serve hummus? The main misconception about hummus is that it is only an appetizer. I'm ready to bet here. Hummus

  • Dinner for Deux - Perfect Recipes by Food’n'Chef

Dinner for Deux – Best Recipes by Food’n’Chef

Romantic evening. You decided to surprise him or her by incredible dinner. A date or an important event, but you may want to spend the evening in a pleasant atmosphere with your loved one? You can't be wrong here. All dishes must be perfect. A very old proverb says - the way to a man's

  • Armenian Cuisine Traditional Dishes from the Heart of Armenia

Armenian Cuisine: Traditional Dishes from the Heart of Armenia

When I hear about Armenia, in head pop up several associations. First of all, it's mountains and beautiful nature. That is only one of Ararat. The endless expanse of air and silence. One of the “symbols” – brandy is named in honor of Ararat. Then pomegranate. Armenians associate pomegranate with fertility and wealth. Throughout the

  • Get a free eCookBook by project Food’n’Chef

Get a free eCookBook by project Food’n’Chef

This book is a result of my cooperation with Chef Aleksey Shvets, who is not only my friend, but also a person, whom we shot so many dishes with. And then, of course, we ate them all. When I was looking through all our shootings, I noticed we had a great number of various desserts.

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About Michelin Restaurants and How to Shoot Food

Like many Ukrainian photographers, I came into the profession by accident. Just in the hands appeared DSLR camera Canon 350d, and I, imagine myself a specialist, went outside to shoot. There were not any courses at that times and I learnt everything by myself. Workshops and Photo schools appeared little later. I photographed everything, gradually

  • Easy and quick, the main phase for today! Seafood recipes are for every taste. Fish recipes, shrimps, mussels, I have many interesting things in my list. Easy seafood recipes right here, right now.

11 Easy Seafood and Fish Recipe by Awesome Chefs

That is, I do not want to spend much time cooking. I want a quick and easy recipe. But somebody does not like to stand behind the stove. Well, people do not like to cook. And it is not something that they wouldn’t like, just believe there are better things to do. Or it’s just

  • Fish recipes and seafood recipes by best Michelin star chefs. Best Michelin recipes is here. Do you want to surprise? Do you want something dramatically? Instructions are below…

Seven Awesome Seafood Recipes by Michelin Starred Chefs

We’ll talk about professionals today. The best of the best. Michelin best chefs. Today we have the most exclusive and incredible. I was looking for them and gathered in different parts of the world, and represent the best that could be found. On the agenda are the 7 best recipes from Michelin category "Seafood". Here