Today I finally ceased to understand all the travel bloggers and those who are trying to mow under them

That is, explain to me how you could recommend it to the mandatory visit this the place, how you can write slobbering rave reviews about the place where there is a terrible stench of rotten food, urine, droppings, where Hells mess, lots of debris that are likely to accumulate decades, the corpses of birds, already beginning to rot …

Badu Caves – dull caves in Kuala Lumpur-2

Well how? No, I’m aware that I came in not that day, and maybe even be in not that decade. But from an aesthetic point of view except the huge gaudy the gilded statue on what to watch is?

I understand that if I read a review of what is a hamster who leaves once in five years from its Zadrypansk and for him the gilded statue and dozens of brazen monkeys are top of exotics.

Badu Caves – dull caves in Kuala Lumpur-3

But Batu Cave is recommended for viewing people, and publications, which in principle should have the taste and don’t write any crap snotty words.

Eh, I don’t understand. Already takes the evil. Another tourist attraction is proving helpful utter crap.