The best time for promenades is early morning. Streets haven’t woken up, small shops and stores are closed, and only lonely passers-by dilute a picture of deserted and sleepy town…

Take a cup of coffee in sleepy baristas and enjoying the tart aroma of freshly brewed drink, slowly walking through the lanes of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, discovering minor details, plunging into a little history and enjoying the warm early sun.

Barcelona – a city of great love-2

I fell in love with Barcelona still at the station, arriving on high-speed train from Figueres, funny small town in which I spent only half a day. Barcelona Station met me by truly cosmic design, and for a moment, looking out the window the stopping train, I felt like a traveler from another galaxy, returning to Earth, in the home spaceport.

Barcelona – a city of great love-3

But back to the morning Barcelona, to the fabulous light and magnificent architecture that together creates an enchanting atmosphere, the mood of heart-throb and happiness. I walked through the ancient bridge, where a couple of hours later will be crowded by a huge number of tottering tourists, hurrying about their business, handymen and smiling salespeople, beckoning in their souvenir shops, stuffed with a variety of Chinese chitterlings.

Barcelona – a city of great love-4

The city takes you at one stroke. Or accept ever. I believe in it and just in first minutes of stay I understand whether is to be here and if I want to come back here again. I had no luck with Prague, the city that many tourists are raving about, but Barcelona took me at one stroke. And if you try to build an analogy, I would call Barcelona beloved woman, gentle, passionate and loving. To which you want to return again and again.

Barcelona – a city of great love-5

I’m writing these lines four months later, as I left it and I understand that now nostalgia is waking up. And I miss a lot for the narrow streets, small restaurants and markets.

Barcelona – a city of great love-6

By coffee houses, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and chat with different people on abstract themes and, of course, by pretty female tourists in the evenings, filling numerous tapas bars.

Barcelona – a city of great love-7

I miss the beautiful promenade of Barcelona, walking through which, eyes filled with tears, whether from the salty sea breeze, whether from an unearthly beauty and harmony, which was achieved in love with their city Spaniards.

Barcelona – a city of great love-8

Barcelona is worth a stroll to museums and galleries. Enjoy not only the great works by masters, but also how cleverly and skillfully architects managed to enter in the old buildings new notes.

Barcelona – a city of great love-9

Generally, Barcelona is a holiday for the eyes, a place where all epochs combine lovingly stored old buildings and notes of organically inscribed newbuilding.

Barcelona – a city of great love-10

Overall, I fell in love with this city, in which will be coming back again and again. To live here? Probably not. But to come to rest, maybe for a week, and maybe a month, yes.

Barcelona – a city of great love-11