I like very much, as they call it in Odessa – Kiev route or as they call it in Kiev – Odessa route. Straight, with beautiful mounds, with an ever-changing landscape. It’s just a pleasure to ride.

But when you drive for four hours, it’s better to do a stop. And I want to offer you an alternative at Poplavskiy stern. Bazzar before Uman.

Bazaar on the route Odessa – Kiev-2

The amateur of tasteless dumplings and fat refried chiburekki, Mr. Poplawskiy, of course argue that at this bazzar there are not meat, salads and soups.

But there are always a tasty fruit and berry, and the most important, there is a nut, that local people harvest there in the woods. They call it hazel.

Bazaar on the route Odessa – Kiev-3

Don’t hope that this little market is cheap. It has. But as in any bazzar, you can bargain. Well, it all depends on your mood and on a good-natured saleswoman.

Bazaar on the route Odessa – Kiev-4

Here they sell mushrooms that I didn’t dare to buy, because I don’t really know how to choose it.

Bazaar on the route Odessa – Kiev-5

Strawberries are straight from the forest, fragrant and unreal tasty. A cup of strawberries cost 15 hryvnias and when you buy it, you immediately throw it into your mouth as a cocktail.

Bazaar on the route Odessa – Kiev-6

This strawberry certainly doesn’t compare with strawberries from Vilkovo, but in the road it is a great alternative to dumplings. And they wash it right on the place.

Bazaar on the route Odessa – Kiev-7

Apricot, rich fruit, that give you the good mood, was so gentle and mellow, that it was falling apart right in the hands. Bucket – it’s a sham. In fact, in the packet there is exactly a kilogram.

Bazaar on the route Odessa – Kiev-8

The earth is strewn with skins of hazel, which local vendors immediately clean, waiting for passing shoppers.

Bazaar on the route Odessa – Kiev-9

And it the end you can see a full range of one of the stall on this wonderful bazzar.

And be on the alert, little bazzar is targeted at a client who visits him once, so they can shortchange or give a poor-quality product. And, it is hardly that you will go back because of moldy strawberries or tainted apricots.