Hummus is incredibly popular. From Israel to Greece and further across the globe, it confidently walks and wins more hearts.

It is eaten for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner, and even when your heart desires, because hummus is so so tasty.

A method of cooking and the taste of hummus are very different depending on the country. Arab, Palestinian, Mexican, Iranian, Iraqi, Georgian and Bulgarian.

This national dish of the Middle East are cooked pretty easily, but still find a place where it is the best quite difficult.

By the way, in Bulgaria there is a special law that prohibits to save chickpeas more than 3-4 months, so there is always the freshest hummus.

First of all, it is necessary to go to Israel. In fact, where is native place of hummus is hard to say. Behind the palm and fighting Jews and Arabs, but more often it is associated with Israel. Hummus is everywhere here. In any restaurant, roadside cafes and any refrigerator. We walked all day to the sights of the city, studied the local neighborhood and this is a nice place – and then delicious bread and delicious hummus.

A place where you can buy hummus in Israel called – Humusnaya or hummus. They’re everywhere, because it is very cheap food, and most importantly delicious.

In reviewing the ratings of all possible travel-bloggers, foodies and lovers of art kitchen, to find some identical points is very difficult.

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They recommend hummus in ASHKARA, where food is served for over 30 years. Traditionally, there are going to family and friends, and slowly enjoy this incredible snack.

Then mention vintage humusnye on the way to Jerusalem, where he was served with a variety of additives – onion, cheese, artichokes and meat.

And then the most unexpected places, such as in the desert with Bedouins.
Or, in a vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona. Or maybe one that will cook your grandmother?

And almost get lost in this vast search I realized – the best hummus in the world is different for everyone. Your best hummus you can find in a posh restaurant or in some very small Israeli street cafes. And maybe, after much research, to cook it yourself. And I’m sure, you’ll do your best 😉

So are you ready to experiment with hummus?

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