Christmas period is one of the best moments to cook something tasty.

You want it or not, you feel tempted to enjoy a delicious dessert. The atmosphere is relaxing, all you want is to rest, drink hot tea or coffee and savour a slice of sweet-smelling pastry.

Or enjoy it after lunch or dinner. Generally a tradition to eat sweet food originates from Europe since the 19th century, and it happened due to increase in sugar production. Till that time only the rich class had a privilege to enjoy sweet food.

At poorer peoples’ tables pastries and other desserts were as festive meal, that resulted in the custom to decorate sweet dishes as bright and rich as possible.

This tradition is still typical for the present day. We use plenty of fruits, nuts, meringues and other components for decoration to make pastry look more attractive.

Today let me present a selection of pastry recipes from Food’n’Chef. It’s so various. From the best chefs and confectioners of the world. Are you ready? Delicious adventures are waiting for you ahead!

Any pastry is a kind of a little holiday!

Pies, cakes, buns, cookies…rich variety of delicious sweet dishes from Food’n’Chef.

Apple Pie Recipe with Raisins and Walnuts


Let’s start from a classical recipe, apple pie with raisins and walnuts. The recipe is from Armenian chef. There are dozens and hundreds variants of this recipe, so that’s a high time to create and try your own one!

See the recipe: Apple Pie with Raisins and Walnuts

Brioche and Chocolate Brioche


Oh, those beautiful, small and French Brioche buns. You can bake the classic version or with chocolate. And you can bake both. Just be careful, they can cause addiction!

See recipe here: Brioche and Chocolate Brioche

Perfect Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe


Cheesecake is delicate, airy, weightless, like Viktoria and Anna from Make My Cake, who shared this recipe with me. Cheesecake appeared in ancient Greece and endured a lot of changes on its way. And now it’s here, decorated with berries, so appealing and sweet-smelling.

See the recipe here: Perfect Strawberry Cheesecake

Biscuit Cake with Chocolate Mousse Recipe


Do not forget about the unusual presentation. This is actually a biscuit cake, and looks like a handbag. Yes, yes, and that’s for sure you can cook it at home 😉

See the recipe: Biscuit Cake with Chocolate Mousse

Pistachio Cake with Coconut


Unusual combination of pistachio and coconut will present you, as in commercial – The Taste of Paradise! And yes, world will wait!

See the recipe: Pistachio Cake with Coconut

Goris Baklava Recipe

Artak Sarkisyan, chef of the Tatevatun_02

True Armenian baklava from Goris. History of this dish counts back more than 700 years. It’s gone beyond the borders of Eastern cuisine long time ago and popular around the world. You’ll tell me then, as you and your guests were eating it with zest 😉

See the recipe: Goris Baklava

Apple Strudel Recipe


And the last recipe for today is apple strudel. Traditional Austrian dessert. It gives huge space for imagination and creativity, you can use any fruits or berries for strudel filling. And even if you do not want sweet any more, it’s easy to transform it into a main dish.

See the recipe: Apple Strudel

All you’ll have to do is just to invite all your friends, put the kettle on and enjoy these fabulous baking recipes!