• Pancake Week - 7 Best Crepes Recipes

Pancake Week – 7 Best Crepes Recipes

Maslenitsa Festival! What associations do you have with it? The end of winter? The beginning of spring? Good weather? One thing I know for sure - it's crepes! At Maslenitsa Festival crepes not just a recommendation, it's a must eat! This whole week before Lent, when we bid farewell to winter, spring and officially meet all

  • Holidays

Food’n’Chef Holidays!

Dear Friends! Food’n’Chef Project will be on holiday from December, 26 till January, 6. New Years Holidays is a perfect time to gain strength, energy and inspiration. I promise to surprise your by new recipes, projects and ideas in 2016. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Tom and Jerry Cocktail

Tom and Jerry Cocktail

Christmas rush of preparing for the holiday is gaining momentum with each passing day, and less and less time for the most important day. And this process is always accompanied by some questions. The first - where, how and with whom to celebrate, and the second - that we will eat, and most importantly

  • Salad with Goat Cheese

Salad with Goat Cheese

Like it or not, but the salad is very, very versatile dish. Whether it's a holiday, a private dinner or a snack. It is so common in the good sense, hard to make a mistake. It is suitable for everyone. Adults and children, fastidious guests and not much for who enjoy light meals and those

  • Hummus Cook Book Giveaway

Hummus Cook Book Giveaway!

Do you love Hummus? Do you know how to make Hummus? Do you want a new book by Aleksandr Slyadnev and Alexey Shvets about Hummus recipes? All secrets about Middle East cuisine, incredible stories of Lobio and Dhal, unexpected Hummus ingredients and so many another interesting things. Have you imagined how you read new fresh

  • Suckling Pig -1

Suckling Pig

One of our main holidays is approaching every day closer and closer, Christmas celebration is coming. This is the day to cook best and tastiest dishes for our nearest and dearest. That’s the best time to demonstrate your culinary skills! Festive table is the main feature of this holiday, besides Christmas tree, presents and Santa Clause. And

  • Best Hummus in the World

Best Hummus in the World

Hummus is incredibly popular. From Israel to Greece and further across the globe, it confidently walks and wins more hearts. It is eaten for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner, and even when your heart desires, because hummus is so so tasty. A method of cooking and the taste of hummus are very different depending

  • Put your sombrero on, we have salsa today! Hot, Mexican and spicy. Let’s cook Mango Salsa from Alexey Shvets!

Mango Salsa

If you think that salsa is just a hot dance, then you are absolutely wrong. Salsa is very popular Mexican sauce that is served with chips, corn scones, tortillas, chicken and other dishes. The word “salsa” originates from Spanish word “sal” that means salt. Nevertheless, the main ingredient of salsa sauce is a chili pepper.

  • Dinner for Deux - Perfect Recipes by Food’n'Chef

Dinner for Deux – Best Recipes by Food’n’Chef

Romantic evening. You decided to surprise him or her by incredible dinner. A date or an important event, but you may want to spend the evening in a pleasant atmosphere with your loved one? You can't be wrong here. All dishes must be perfect. A very old proverb says - the way to a man's

  • What kind of pastry with apples do you love: a traditional apple pie or taten? Apple strudel recipe from the famous chef Sergey Borodkin will allow you to prepare a dessert that will be your favorite!

Apple Strudel Recipe

Strudel is a traditional Austrian dessert. This suction roll dough with apple or cherry. Overall strudel recipes differ only fillings, the basis is always the hood without yeast dough. Strudels can be not only sweet, apricots, pears, poppy seeds, nuts, in many countries, meat and baked strudel and mushrooms, cheese, fish, an infinite number of