Christmas Whisky Cocktails

Best Whisky Based Christmas Cocktails

Aleksandr Slyadnev, Ivan Bachurin, Oleg Kozlovskyy

Paperback: 54 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1522754431
ISBN-13: 978-1522754435
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.1 x 8 inches

About the book

You are looking at the one and only recipe book that includes a detailed description of Christmas cocktails prepared with whisky.  «Christmas Whisky Cocktails» contains a variety of easy cocktail recipes which will surprise your guests and make your Christmas party unforgettable.

This book is a singular scenario on how to make a modern-style Christmas party. We’ve chosen the best recipes of party cocktails as well as holiday friendly winter cocktails.

Hot and cold cocktails, either with spices, milk, honey, cream, fruits or liquor. Find your special one in “Christmas cocktails with whisky” and don’t forget to make a Christmas wish!


What are you going to find in this book?

«Christmas Whisky Cocktails» will teach you how to choose cocktails with whisky, how to mix “long drinks” for friendly conversation and how to make dessert and morning cocktails.

Aperitif cocktails are the most delicious. They warm you up, awake your appetite and load your mind with positive thoughts. These cocktails are the best “doorway” treats. The first part of the book describes how to make the best aperitif cocktails

In the second part of the book you will read about digestif cocktails which are essential during festive dinning.  They help to relax and get the maximum level of satisfaction from food and party itself.


Did you know that winter cocktails can be both holiday and dessert cocktails? The third chapter is all about easy cocktail recipes that can be served as desserts. Here one can find favorite Tiramisu and Alexander made with different types of liquors and cream. Dessert whisky cocktails are delicious and easy to mix.

When your guest feel cozy near a fireplace and start to sing carols, let them try some whisky cocktails called “long drinks”. The recipes of these cocktails one can find in the fourth chapter. You  should drink them  slowly and enjoy every single sip. 

The first morning of the New Year one should celebrate in a special way. For this special occasion our authors prepared one of a kind recipe. For making this cocktail you need Scottish whisky, espresso….What else? Find out in the fifth chapter. We promise, that this cocktail is easy to mix, but it won’t leave your guests indifferent!


What else you can find in this book?

«Christmas Whisky Cocktails» – contains not only whisky based cocktails. This book is full of professional advises and recommendations about the best whisky one can use in cocktails. You will also learn the history of each cocktail and admire outstanding photos made by food photographer Alexandr Slyadnev. By the way, those photos will show you how to serve each cocktail in professional and creative ways.

All the recipes are easy to make and you don’t need special equipment or help of a professional sommelier. Although they are simple, our homemade cocktails are incredibly tasty and effective.

All the recipes were thoroughly chosen and some of them even specially created for this Christmas book by sommeliers Ivan Bachurin and Oleg Kozlovskyy.


Scottish House-Restaurant WHISKY CORNER is the only one conceptual restaurant in Ukraine. Its collection is the biggest in Eastern Europe and counts more than 750 samples. One can try here interesting samples from Scotland, Ireland, USA, Japan, Canada, France and Taiwan. Most cocktails in this book were created at Whisky Corner. 

All the dreams come true!!

The first whisky was made by Scottish monks who managed the secrets of distillation. Although this beverage left the monastery soon, it definitely preserved the “angel’s share”. A good cocktail with whisky will make all your dreams come true, especially during Christmas.

This Christmas recipe book will make a perfect gift. Make a wish and be sure, it will be fulfilled.



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