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“Hummus”: Something About Food, East & Love…

Best Hummus Recipes From All Over the World

Aleksandr Slyadnev, Aleksey Shvets

e-Book and Paperback


About Book:

Hummus: Something about Food, East and Love‘ is not just a book, it’s about what you can do with Hummus, how to change it and make incredibly delicious. This is the first book in the world, where Hummus stop being an appetizer and transformed to main dish.

New book by food-photographer Aleksandr Slyadnev and Chef Aleksey Shvets is a culinary story about old eastern dish made of chickpea. You can sell your soul for well-cooked Hummus. Dish perfectly combines benefits, flavor and simple cooking process.

Different and easy recipes in the book will be interesting for those who has cooked and tried hummus, and also for those, who hasn’t. Traditional opinion is that hummus is a cold appetizer. Authors of the book will bust a myth. Only several additional ingredients and hummus turns into main dish.

Eastern Cuisine is full of secrets, old traditions and exotic customs. A rave of color, tastes, flavors – it is a real hummus!  Hummus recipe dates back to the reign of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and keeps the secrets of generations.

Spread hummus evenly on the plate, so that edges turn into rim and lay in the middle… What? You’ll know in the new book!

Best Hummus Recipes in ‘Hummus: Something about Food, East and Love’…

Recipe List:

– Classical Hummus
– Classical Hummus with Tabbouleh Salad
– Classical Hummus with Poached Salad and Fried Beckon
– Hummus with Hot Pepper
– Hummus with Hot Pepper and Salsa made of Tomatoes and Basil
– Hummus with Hot Pepper and Vinaigrette Dressing
– Hummus with Olives
– Hummus with Olives, Baked Vegetables and Feta
– Hummus with Olives and Green Oil
– Hummus with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil
– Hummus with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil, Concasse Tomatoes and Pesto
– Hummus with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil and Salsa made of Black Olives
– Hummus with Horseradish
– Hummus with Horseradish, Chicken Hearts, Beckon and Coriander
– Hummus with Horseradish and Chimichurri
– Lobio
– Lobio with Baked Nuts, Cilantro and Olive Oil
– Lobio with Spicy Minced Veal
– Classical Dhal
– Dhal with Spicy Boiled Butter Ghee, Curry Leaves and Ginger
– Dhal with Boiled Garlic-Ginger Butter Ghee

Bon Appetite :)

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