Jewish Snacks From Odessa. Traditional Soviet Union Recipes

Forshmak Original Snack Vitamin Salad Mild-Cured Herring Boiled Baby Shrimps

Jewish Snacks From Odessa

Traditional Soviet Union Recipes

Aleksandr Slyadnev


About Book:

Odessa cuisine is talented, multifarious and … self-centred. It’s the best, like everything in Odessa. Ask every person in Odessa how to cook mussels or herring and you’ll hear that his forshmak recipe is the most right and tasty. And his mother or grandmother know how to cook insist cimes. And you’ll remember that day like the most happiest in your life, because you’ve tried this gorgeous dish.

These discussions and researches were the way how this book «Traditional Soviet Union Jewish Recipes: Odessa’s Snacks» was created. Aleksandr Slyadnev –  the author and food-photographer collects recipes for a long time. He communicated with native Odessa people, with Odessa people, who live in other countries, but their soul is in Odessa.

Why Jewish Recipes? Because Jewish Cuisine is the foundation of Odessa gastronomic masterpieces. But from Soviet Union we have the simplest ingredients, without any expensive delicacies. Odessa doesn’t need it, Odessa is the delicacy.

Only Odessa people can cook and write about food. Tasty recipe collection «Traditional Soviet Union Jewish Recipes: Odessa’s Snacks» is written in truly Odessa style. Kilka, eggplant paste, potatoes…. Just read a few sentences and you’ll have an appetite, turn the page and you’ll start starving.

Book was translated into English not from Russian or Ukrainian, it was translated from Odessa language and it deliver all flavors and taste of native city. If you love Odessa, you’ll fell that familiar character and charm, fell the Privoz atmosphere, the atmosphere of Odessa streets and yards. Present the book to your friends in USA, Canada or Europe and they will have an opportunity to become a little bit Odessa people!

Recipe List:
– Boiled Baby Shrimps
– Mild-Cured Herring
– Vitamin Salad
– Original Snack
– Forshmak
– Black-backed Sea Sprat Fritters
– Home-Style Jacket Potato
– Small Black-backed Sea Sprat Sandwiches
– Eggplant Paste
– Stuffed Eggs
– Roasted Courgettes with Garlic and Mayonnaise
– Grilled Mussels
– Beet and Herring Salad
– Bean Tzimmes
– Baked Bell Pepper

Bon Appetite :)

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