Yu’ll Eat Khash, Alex-Jan

The Ultimate Armenian Slow Cooker Cookbook

by Aleksandr Slyadnev, Anna Mazmanyan

A new cook book “You will be eat Khash, Alex-Jan!” is to become a real discovery for those who are into learning more about gastro explorations and trips and want to reach through understanding of Armenian culture, history and culinary art.

The book combines points of view of two experienced gastro travelers food-photographer Alexander Slyadnev and food-blogger Anna Mazmanyan. Unusual harmony of opinions between a visitor to the country and a native Armenian makes this book unique in a way of Armenian cuisine interpretation.

Authors neither claim that recipes are authentic, nor try to mark some dishes as correct or not. They are eager to show genuine and lively Armenia. In this book you can find traditional recipes collected in different regions of the country, as well as different variations of one dish and description of restaurants and sights that are worth visiting.

What’s more, we gathered stories of people who create Armenian cuisine today in our book. Armenian chefs are so gorgeous and unique. Someone preserves ancient recipes, while others cook traditional Armenian dishes in modern and artistic interpretation following modern world trends.

“You will be eat Khash, Alex-Jan!” is to be released soon. To find out exact date and be the first to cook your Khash, please subscribe to our newsfeed about the book.

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Photos and Quotes from Book

Khash was the keynote of my trip around Armenia and sprang to my mind every now and then after I got back to Ukraine. I would say this is not just a dish, but a way to spend your leisure time, a ritual that has a part of this small and unbelievably beautiful country in it…
Armenian people are very shy and touchy. Yet they are extremely hospitable. If you are not eating at the table that doesn’t mean you are full. That can only mean that you are ill or that the food is not that tasty. You should get ready for Armenia, so start dieting and doing sport in advance. In any case, you’re going to be back home with holiday pounds and slightly nostalgic about cheerful, kind-hearted and hospitable people…
Armenians are special in a way of making you to fall in love with their country regardless to distance. If you have a friend from Armenia, you are as lucky as I am, since you understand me and love Armenia as much as I do…
Food in Armenia is well-balanced. I mean quality, but not quantity. The table is laden with appetizers that you can add to your traditional Armenian roll called brtuch. You take a piece of lavash and put there everything you see at the table. You can add herbs, vegetables and different kinds of cheese. If the host rolls a brtuch for you, you can consider this as the highest sign of respect. Just forget about jokingly calling it shawarma. People may take offence.
“Armenia is like a drug. If you come here once, you will cherish my country in your heart forever”, – one of my new friends said while we were travelling around the country.

This is true. You cannot forget Armenia. It overwhelms you again and again. Combination of picturesque nature, delicious food and hospitable people make me come back here in my mind again and again…

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