Project Description

Alejandro Sanchez and Wijannarongk Kunchit

Chefs at NAMO

Hong Kong


My spanish roots will always influence the style I live and create food. I am Alejandro Sanchez, a true spanish chef.

I am lucky to be born in a cooking funs. My family is involved into a restaurant business. Thus I was percepting all the peculiarities and secrets of the kitchen life since I was a child. After graduating from school, I moved to Madrid to attend a sommelier course.  I wanted a real experience and got a position of a waiter in a restaurant. That was my first real step into a long way to chef cliff.

When I reached 24, I set aside the norms and established my first solo restaurant “La Chumbera” (The Cactus”). It was as extreme as possible. But soon after that I’ve managed to open “Alejandro”. And was bold enough to earn my 1st Michelin Star after one year of operation. Can you imagine?

Though I’ve been doing Spanish food for almost all my life, I have always found Thai cuisine to be complex and exciting. It was always attracting me as a real challenge to my professional skills. After being in Hong Kong for some time, I was told about Namo’s Avant Thai concept. The did not have to ask me twice. I took it as an opportunity to finally venture into Thai cuisine with the help of Chef Wijannarongk Kunchit.

I do believe my new stars are all ahead. Can not tell for sure what cuisine they will be related to. You see – I am a cosmopolitan man.

But I am confident in one thing – when you are really on your way, doing your matter of life, you are happy, you do not need any motivation or push. I wish everyone feel this in their life. And do not be afraid to change the country, style, habits or team when the real aim is calling.

The dish I have chosen is the Chiang Mai Ribs. It features ‘Hang Lay’ Iberico pork rib in a mild Northern Thai curry sauce served with pumpkin puree and Thai baby cabbage.  

I like this dish because it summarizes what we offer at Namo. Please notice, its modern appearance yet when you bite into it, the flavour is still distinctly Thai.

Wijannarongk Kunchit:

I was born in a wonderful place, where bright colors and aromas create a unique blend of life. Thailand has always been a place to visit and to stay. I am really proud of being a part of this country.

I am Chef Wijannarongk Kunchit. Ok, just call me Chef Amoo. I was always in love with food and this love takes its start in my childhood.

While growing up my passion to cooking has been growing as well. And it developed into a long relationship with Master Chef project, which lasted for almost a decade.

Being a curious person I traveled to Hong Kong and stayed there for longer than a trip time. After my move, I joined a leading restaurant group as their Head Chef of Asian Cuisine. Together we’ve launched the elegant Sukho Thai restaurant in Stanley. Although it was not awarded with a star, it’s received notices in the Michelin Guide.  In 2007 I travelled to Hanoi in Vietnam. I’ve already told you – I am a curious man. So I’ve been trained at the Sofitel Metropole Hotel under the guidance of the renowned Chef Didier Corlou before opening “Saigon” in Stanley.

Over the years, my profession has allowed me to travel and learn new things. This is what I always wanted. I got unique opportunities to share a stint alongside with  a celebrity Chef Bobby Chinn, spend a year in “La Soleil” at the Royal Garden Hotel as their premier Chef of Indo-Chinese Cuisine and many others.

Today I’m standing at another chapter in my career with the opening of NAMO.  Teaming up with Chef Alejandro, we’ve started a collaboration of the tradition and the contemporary approach.  We want to impress! We want our guests to “Wow” with ingenuity. As AVANT THAI cuisine deserves all the positive emotions.

I picked the Siam Fish Mousse Cake as my dish because it often surprises our guests. Unlike the typical fish cake served in most Thai restaurants, we’ve taken the traditional Thai dish to a new level of ‘luxe’ easily distinguished by a touch of salmon caviar and a pickled cucumber relish.

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About Restaurant:



This place is significant for its wonderful atmosphere. Apart from the unique cuisine, it opens a picturesque view to the harbour.

Being the first restaurant in Hong Kong to offer AVANT THAI menu, NAMO keeps its fame and reputation on the highest level.

New tastes of the classic dishes, creative approach to serving, always fresh products and wide vine choice make NAMO a must-visit place.

People come to NAMO not only for enjoying the meals, but also to have a drink. One of the best bar-men, a specialized beverage menu and great variety of cocktail add to an entertaining mood.

Adress: Shop G18, Empire Centre, 68 Mody Road, TST East, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2739 1133