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Aleksandr Kasian

Pastry Chef

Kyiv, Ukraine

I’m 29, and I’ve been a cook since 2000. But actually it would be more correct to say that since I was a child.
When I was a child, our family somehow got two sacks of flavour. My mother doesn’t bake, so the flavor remained untouched for a long period of time. I was curious and started kind of testing it: kneaded dough and tried to bake something. At first, I didn’t manage well, but every time it was better and better. Then I started exchange recipes with my mother’s friends.

At school, I ‘bought’ my marks at exams with cakes. I didn’t want to study, at that time I already knew that it was not for me. That’s why I baked a cake and brought it to a teacher, and got a good mark.

I’ve been a baker since 12. After the 9th grade I entered technical school, and then was recommended to the restaurant «Surprise» to Denis Komarenko. It was very prestigious at that moment. I was appointed to a pastry shop by chance. There I was guided by the Lebanese. It was a very interesting and important practice. I learnt a lot there.

Nowadays I’m a ‘free artist’. I supervise several outlets in a range of Ukrainian cities. I’m involved in creating candy manufacture that would be favourable for work.

Today there are very few pastry-cooks at the market. Everyone prefers to learn how to work with meat and main courses. And baking cakes is considered not so prestigious. But in fact it’s very interesting, and tasty, of course.
I like spicy Eastern cuisine. And also French and Italian cuisine.

I cook what I like, I don’t stick to any certain cuisine. I like to experiment, to use my imagination with different dishes and ingredients. My speciality is big dishes, festive cakes and complex constructions.

My latest cake was 1.25m high. I was afraid that he wouldn’t survive our roads. But everything was fine, customers called and thanked.

My work is my hobby. When I’m at work I feel like a child. I have a material, from which I can build, create something. Perhaps, if I hadn’t become a pastry chef, I would have become a constructor. I like to be involved in building work as a constructor. To work with cement and bricks.

I’m married. I have a wonderful daughter, who is now in the second grade. She’s just like me – doesn’t like to study.

This dish was interesting for me, because I wondered how it would be presented in the picture. I’ve been thinking for a while about preparing this dish, but had no opportunity to do it.

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