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Alexander Ghazaryan

Chef at Haykanush Restaurant


The blade is sparkling. The movements are well-shaped with time and experience, clear and confident. I have perfectly white outfit on, everything is clean and neat. Come in and treat yourself, my friend.

Don’t get me wrong, I was never dreaming of becoming a surgeon. Since childhood my dream was to become a chef. I think, it’s great when dreams come true. In a sense, I’m dealing with saving lives – I satisfy thirst and hunger with my dishes. Armenian cuisine is the most warm-hearted and tasty in the world. Just try it and you’ll love it! And I’m not exaggerating at all.

My name is Alexander Ghazaryan, a simple guy from Dilijan, chef of Haykanush restaurant. Maybe it sounds strange, but since my childhood I’ve been imagined how I would entertain my dear guests, welcoming them in my kitchen. I was an ordinary boy, spent lots of time at the street, stuffed bumps and received remarks from teachers. And at the same time I was stunned at the doorway of our little kitchen, where my mother and grandmother were busy, humming Armenian songs. Aromas, colors, sounds filled me with deep national spirit. Now I realize that all that culinary magic had a lively response in my soul for a certain reason, they were strings in my future

Dilijan is a fantastic place of immense beauty. It is quiet and melodious at the same time. Even the houses are built with the trees growing in the peaceful coexistence and harmony. Sometimes I think that my little hometown is a living real creature, and it loves its people, and it creates a unique world for them. That’s why I could not imagine how to leave my town. And now I work here in a high-class restaurant.

I’ve been working as a cook already for 6 years. Before that I studied at the college, had internships at cooks and chefs at cafés, tried boldly again and again. I am sure that the theoretical knowledge has no weight without active, courageous, constant practice. And I, like a true mountaineer, fell asleep and woke up with a sharp knife at the bedside. I’m not kidding.

Believe me, I’m aware of the world’s culinary traditions and classics, I love and respect French cuisine, for example. But the Armenian cuisine is not just native to my heart, it reflects my understanding of working with products and fully coincides with the philosophy of being a real chef, as I understand it. And, of course, I am very proud of their homeland. That is so true.

What are precious things for me in life? Work, friends, and music, of course. It means so much for me. Our friendly team, people enthusiastic about common purpose, my colleagues and I have repeatedly received recognition and even the official nomination, prizes and titles. But the most important thing is to satisfy our guests. Save the world from routine, paint every single day with mouth-watering aromas. That is my reason why I wake up every morning.

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About Restaurant:

Haykanush Restaurant

Haykanush Restaurant

Restaurant of Armenian cuisine “Haykanush” became one of the many successful projects of Tufenkian national network. High quality products, special menu and unique atmosphere altogether make it a great place for family get toghether, romantic dinners and picnics. There are two floors for our guests, made in the best traditions of the Armenian architecture. Haykanush is waiting to be visited by all lovers of traditional cuisine, ready to enjoy the familiar taste and discover new.