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Alexey Povtoreiko

Chef at Whisky Corner

Kyiv, Ukraine

I was born on 26 May 1980 in Kyiv. And although 34 years have passed, I can still clearly remember, when I decided to become a Chef. I was always amazed with how my father cooked, and although cook profession was considered women’s one at that time,  in the 7th grade I was 100% sure that I would learn to become the best chef. My parents say my first attempts to cook something were quite successful, but perhaps they, like all other parents, wanted to support and inspire me.

After I finished school, I went to culinary college and then became cook’s assistant. In 2 months I became a cook. And a year after, I was called to the army, and as you might understand, there was no place for fine dining there. There were 9 cooks, 50 assistants and 1.5 thousand hungry soldiers per shift.  ’What can be learnt in such conditions?’ — you will ask. Discipline, responsibility and order. These are essential qualities for a chef, a good chef.

I started working as a chef in River Palace entertainment complex.  I was lucky to work there and to learn from French Chef Olivier Lumiere.

At that time I understood, that a chef should always move on. Should be never afraid of experimenting and improving skills. A chef shall always exchange experience and not be afraid of questions.  For 9 years of my chef career, I’ve opened such restaurants as Café de Paris, Ma petite Fusion Restaurant, Bellagio Italian Restaurant and Dacha Country Club. These are completely different restaurants and invaluable experience.

Currently, I’m Chef of Whisky Corner – Scottish House Restaurant.  And now, I’m not only Chef, but also a connoisseur of single-malt whiskey.

As all other chefs, I’m often asked if I enjoy cooking at home. Let’s say, I cook only for big holidays, on all other days my wife copes with this task quite well, although she often hears the words «it hasn’t been brought to a proper taste, obviously».

So it goes, a chef is a chef even at home. But sometimes I want to relax and to eat good old pizza. Children are excited and so am I.

I decided to present my favourite dish, Beef Wellington. And since I work in the Scottish House Restaurant, we have selected with our sommelier whisky, which ideally suited for this dish.

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About Restaurant:

Alexey Povtoreiko - Chef at Whisky Corner_rest

Whisky Corner

Kiev, 16/16 Sofievskaya Str.
Tel: +38 044 279 02 15, +38 050 4 803 803

Scottish House-Restaurant WHISKY CORNER is the only one conceptual restaurant in Ukraine. It’s more than just a restaurant; it’s a peace of Scotland, where you can find more than 730 types of whisky, as well as traditional dishes of Scottish and author’s cuisine. We are enriching our collection all the time and You can find a lot of interesting types of whisky from all over the world, even from Japan. The menu was thoroughly developed by our chef and owner, as it is very important to create the best combination of food and whisky. Our menu includes a wide variety of cold and hot appetizers, special whisky hors d’oeuvres, soups, salads, as well as different kinds of fish, meat and seafood.

The interesting fact about our cuisine is that we not only drink whisky but also use it in preparation of separate dishes. Whisky Corner can impress our guests not only with the biggest whisky collection in Eastern Europe and rich menu, but also with entertaining programme that we organise every week. Performances of popular ukrainian bands, whisky tastings and quests – it’s not the complete list of what we are ready to offer You. The excellent atmosphere, pleasant music and highly qualified service stuff is always ready to provide You with great mood and give You the opportunity to enjoy the whole spectrum of Scottish culture.