Project Description

Alvin Leung Jr.

Chef at Bo Innovation

Hong Kong

Michelin Starred Chef

When a hobby becomes the profession it is commonly treated as life success. I do not feel like I am the most successful man in the world. But one of the happiest I should say.

My name is  Alvin Leung and I am a happy chef. I was born in foggy London. Rather known for its grey weather and grumpy people. Where the most elegant dish is a porcelain plate of oat porridge. It is only half truth, of course. Although my dearest mother did not cook thus I was climbing the kitchen mountains all by myself.

We were living in Canada when I was a kid. I do not remember much about those times. I was a curios boy and suppose would have had equal emotions in any other country. I was totally devoted to cooking and athletics. There was a time I thought I become a professional sportsman. But still cooking has won!

For already 10 years I am feeding people with my culinary creations to get their “Mmmmmm, delicious” as the best feedback. Recall me telling about my mom had no cooking skills? So I proceeded with my study to get the tastes and textures I wanted to. My study are all the experiments I made, ingredients I hunted, receipts I’ve discovered. What I have never done is the official diploma or scheduled practice. I do not have both.

I am the second self-trained chef with two Michelin stars in my pocket.  Although treating soup as a best dish humanity has ever invented.

I am currently involved into 5 projects.  4 of them are located in China and 1 in London. I live in Hong-Kong and am totally in love with it. Apart from being a great mixture of different cultures, tastes and colors, it fills me with a feeling of constant wonder. As if a child!

Here I’ve got my 1st star for the “Bo Innovations Hong-Kong” restaurant.  These emotions will never be erased by anything. It is like butterflies in your stomach!

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About Restaurant:


Bo Innovations

60 Johnston Rd, Hong Kong
+852 2850 8371

A traditional Chinese food restaurant with 2 Michelin stars and wonderful atmosphere. All the ancient receipts are adapted to the modern reality nevertheless bringing you to the routs.