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Andrei Makhov

Chef at Café Pushkin


“Chef that’s a profession, not a position!”

It’s not just my credo, I’m deeply convinced in this. You can not automatically perform a set of tasks, follow the algorithm without emotions and constant concerns, take on trust the frames set by someone else. I am against ‘deafness’ in all aspects, and above all, heart ‘deafness’. I feel flavour with my nose and texture and shapes with my hands, and I do certainly analyze. That’s the way the best recipes are born and new tastes are discovered. That’s the way how real chefs grow up. I am Andrei Makhov, chef of restaurant ‘Pushkin’ in Moscow.

Of course, any creativity requires solid basis. My one was a culinary school. After graduation with a degree in ‘Cooking’, I even could not imagine how much I would still have to learn and how many people to teach. At those times I was eager to hang around, have access to products and impress girls. That was my impression about culinary industry in my 16-year-old consciousness. But already during my first study year, I realized that products, methods and approach, team and practice meant much more. I got such a precious and such senseless diploma with distinction and proceeded… my learning further. Culinary school was not enough for me, I wanted more practice, more of everything! So I graduated from the academy and started working in those ‘dashing’ 90s, and not just anywhere, but in the hotel ‘Metropol’.

I was just an ordinary cook, but every day I realized that my choice was correct, honest and true. There were failures and annoying bugs and dizzying victories, meetings and handshakes – all this  helped me develop and grow every day. Thus I became a chef, and then started to create gastronomic trends for capital gourmets in a new café ‘Pushkin’ in Moscow. And I can say without modesty that since 1999 I’ve been doing that with pleasure and success.

And you know, we do not just cook following faceless recipes of standard dishes. We are always looking for a perfect balance, listen to our guests’ reviews and value each of them. Moreover, all the recipes are canonical: with a history, some legendary flair, implying not only the knowledge of proportions, but also the ability to convey the concept. Therefore our Pozharsky cutlets are authentic, real, verified, without unnecessary details and passing trendy features, they are simply great.

But man shall not live by bread alone. Much of my knowledge I have collected in the cookbook ‘Classic modern cuisine’, published in 2007. I actively participated in the opening of ‘Brasserie Pushkin’ in New York: worked at the concept and management. I’m excited to see and hear new, interesting, exotic. So travelling for me is the best source of inspiration, work and leisure at the same time. I would say, most important is not to be afraid. There are so many amazing, beautiful and unknown in our world, it is yours for asking.

For the project I’ve cooked the iconic dishes with ‘history’: Sturgeon with viziga, suckling pig and cranberries in sugar. Surprised? And, by the way, viziga is a unique product, typical for Russian cuisine only. Its taste and texture are unique and exclusive.  A dish of suckling pig is very demanding. It can be considered as perfect only in one case – if the texture of meat is tender and soft. And skin should necessarily be thin and crispy. As for cranberries in sugar, that’s a cool dessert, you can’t bite it or cut with a knife. Whole berry in a sugar coat – delicious, beautiful and healthy in addition.

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About Restaurant:

Cafe Pushkin

Café Pushkin

Since 1999 the legendary restaurant has been working in the centre of Moscow. Traditional Russian cuisine, time-tested recipes and only the best products. The stylish interior is perfect for business meetings and friendly fun. This restaurant is a favourite place for guests with a taste for good food and life.

Adress: 26-A Tverskoy Boulevard, Moscow, Russia

Telephone: +7 (495) 739-00-33