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Arman Akopyan

Chef at Avant Dzoraget


I feel the real taste of food not with my mouth, but with my fingertips. And it is not a joke. When I take a product in my hands, breath in its aroma and touch the surface – I already create a food puzzle of taste and color this product will take place in. This is how a cook’s mind works.

I am Arman Akopyan, a young Armenian chef, who will never grow up. No, I am not that kind of Peter Pan, you might think about. I am rather a curious boy, always interested in something new to try and to serve and of course ready to learn something new every day of my life.

I think God has given me the cooking talent in advance as I was far from that in my childhood. I was a usual boy with scars and crazy ideas, fishing in the river and dreaming of the far away lands to travel.

But the reality did a lot for me to stay straight on the ground. Thus to help my family I started a cooking career in a small village mit-ball dinery. There were no variety of flavors or seasonal menus, but all the guests were fed and satisfied. And for me those 8 years ago it was very important. And one more thing – I understood my real passion to be in food creation. And from that time I was sure about my future and the aims I want to reach.

Today I am a part of great Tufenkyan project family. I am a chef at Avan Dzoraget Hotel. We suggest mostly Armenian dishes, the traditional and modern variants of the national cuisine. But I like to cook something really tasty from Italian or French menus. I even have a theory of the similarity between the three of them in colors, flavour and hospitality. At least I want to believe they have.

My life is devoted to people: the guests of the restaurant, my friends and my family. They are my critics, my fans and my biggest inspiration. I want them to be happy and healthy, so cook balanced and tasty food for them. I want you to be happy and healthy and wish you luck. God bless you!

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About Restaurant:

Avant Dzoraget

Avant Dzoraget

This hotel is situated in the picturesque place halfway between two ancient head cities – Yerevan and Tbilisi. The river, the woods and rustic nature all around make the resto a peaceful oasis for relax and fine time.

The dishes are combining best traditions of Armenian cuisine although with the modern notes. It is a great place for family events, romantic evening or even week-ends.