Project Description

Artak Sarkysyan

Chef at Tatevatun

Yerevan, Armenia

It’s so amazing to be young. And also is very exciting. When you are young, the world seems so huge to you, possibilities are almost unlimited and you feel you can achieve everything! I’m so eager to preserve this feeling with me forever and ever. Well, I have no reasons to complain so far – I feel young by body and soul and by my profession. I’m Artak Sarkysyan, a sheer Armenian chef. And despite my rather limited experience, I learn passionately every single day.

People often ask me if I always wanted to be a chef. Well, what to say… Not really always. More than that, my first culinary failure happened to me with banal scrambled eggs. By a twist of fate it jumped to the ceiling, shining bright against the whitewash that excited me a lot. But speaking seriously, I was always at the kitchen, and eager to try and experiment, not only with my tongue but also with my hands, I wanted to create something on my own.

When Tatevatun Restaurant was opened nearby by small village, I applied there as an apprentice. It took two long years of my probation and tedious waiting before I joined the team of this amazing place. I enjoy my work there so much, that I don’t really want anything more. It doesn’t mean though that I have no ambitions. It just means that I found my place.

You know, it often happens that work and vocation do not coincide. People can live their life suffering, wasting their life energy and time for strange things. I’m a lucky man, I can say so. My work is my true love and vocation.

I’m not striving to move to a city, conquer the capital or concrete jungle. I love Armenian fertile land, that’s why I’ve decided to stay and work in my native village. I help my parents, raise vegetables and scrumptious greens.

People often ask my opinion how to get the same satisfaction from work as I do? What to say… I love my work, and create my dishes only in good mood. And business is going well. That’s the main secret!

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About Restaurant:



Village Halidzor

Tatevatun Restaurant is located in a picturesque place of Armenian highland. Among the biggest attractions of this place are the world’s longest cableway, tiny villages and amazing all-around spirit of nature. It’s only a few things that distinguish Tetavatun restaurant from a common place. Unique mood is created by ancient cooking traditions, most fresh local natural products and passionate people. And guests of the restaurant feel and appreciate it.