Project Description

Denis Brovceac

Chef at La Butuc

Chisinau, Moldova

Do you want to hear a story of a bright uprising? A funny tale about success and classic “one morning, I wake up famous”? Then you should better address someone else. Because my story is filled with a dream, work and being steady in the purpose.

My name is Denis Brovceac, chef at La Butuc restaurant. I’ve been dreaming about my culinary freedom since I was a kid. As far back as I can remember, kitchen was always my territory. Other children are interested in streets, yards and garages. But I was fond of products, recipes, combinations and aromas. The choice was not that big during my Soviet childhood. There was only all-Union State Standard. But I was smart and clever, I was a good inventor and creator. Sometimes I got really great results. And now, I’m proud of my courage.

I never get tired in the kitchen. How can I get tired of something I love? Every day is different, unique and new. My work has been bringing happiness, new experience and new goals for 12 years already.

That’s why it’s so difficult for me to define my favourite dish or at least cuisine. All of them are canvas for me, which I use for my creative work, adding my personal accents and making tones more complicated. There are millions of culinary opportunities in various tones of taste in the world. I don’t want and I’m not planning to limit my choice. That’s what I teach my son – to feel, and not to keep up with the fashion or dreams of others.

I’m happy, because my son is really interested in coking and choosing ingredients. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. And it’s really great – we will create a chef dynasty. Perhaps, each father dreams about this either openly or secretly.

You will be surprised, but my hobbies have nothing in common with the kitchen. I’m a unique collector so to say. I collect hats – from the classic to extremely extravagant ones. But I’ve found a practical use for my hobby. When I cook in an open kitchen, I can dress out to please my guests.

There’s only one thing I can’t get enough of. It’s time. I don’t have enough time to be just a simple man, father and husband. My family is the most understanding and the most supportive in the world. And I spend my each spare moment with them. They are my greatest motivation. And I believe their sincere love will always help me.


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About Restaurant:

La butuc

La Butuc


La Butuc is a restaurant with classical moldavian kitchen. Summer patio, seasonal menu, the highest level service and pleasant atmosphere make every visit to La Butuc special.

Ancient interior, great choice of local and foreign wines, great number of dainties suited to every fancy and traditional moldavian dishes – La Butuc will become your favourite for meetings and celebrations.