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Edgar Yeganyan

Chef at Charles

Yerevan, Armenia

Take a breath. Take a deep breath. You can not resist the blowing fresh air Yerevan covers you with. Armenian spirit will never abandon you once you’ve met its endless horizons, cloudy mountains and hospitable people. Born in picturesque Yerevan, I am holding tightly my  motherland language, culture and sense of humor.

I am Edgar Yeganyan, now heading the cuisine at “Charles”. I may confidently state I am far from being a typical cook. I am young, fit and do not keep the secrets of my success. I am what I am and happy to share a piece of my mood. I do feed them as my best friends, stuffing the meals with positive emotions and love.

As a kid I adored football. It was filling not only my free-time, but my whole life at that time. Today I only have a bundle of funny memories and bruises left. But my nature will never calm down. I am looking for the new tastes, colors and forms.

Where do I take my inspiration? Look around! I am the son of the wonderful land, colorful and friendly. Every single day I am grateful for living and working here.

I’ve been creating meals for 8 years and am not tired. My brother works as cook and supports me with advice, mindful talks and anecdotes. Humor is always welcome. Of course I feel frustration as all the Masters used to (joking). I make food mosaics in my head before starting the performance in the real life.

Motivation? Satisfied smile on the face of the restaurant’s guests, their approval and come-backs. The highest estimate for me.

My interests as a chef are focused on Armenian and French cuisine. It might be crazy but I think the creative mixture of these 2 cultures brings the unique result. Traditions and canons of France meet the best products of Armenian land and this synergy is the very taste people come for.

I sound as if a sit-at-home guy. In fact I am not. I travel a lot, discover new countries and feel the real life rhythm. My heart will always belong to Armenia. I could hardly imagine being someone else or doing something different from cooking.

I do wish everyone find their own taste of life. No matter where or when, but create their  destiny meal with the best possible ingredients.

The dish on photo — Lamb Roll. It is a soft multi-layered roll with lamb, egg-plants, tomatoes and lamb kidneys.

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About Restaurant:

Edgar Yeganyan - Chef at Charles_rest

“Charles” Restaurant

Tamanyan 3, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: + 374 10 54 26 21

We present the extraordinary combination of the French cuisine and Armenian high-quality products.