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Francisco Pazos

Chef at Le Chef

Hong Kong

My name is Francisco Pazos. I am in charge of Le Chef Restaurant kitchen in Metropark Hotel, Wanchai Hong Kong. And although I was born quite far away from here – in beautiful Spain in 1975 – my heart was stolen by the East.

Passion for cooking wasn’t a sudden discovery or sign for me. I steadily developed sincere love, respect and curiosity. As a child, I was always with my grandma. I followed her to the market, participated in the conversations about products, dishes and recipes. Together we created lunches and dinners, made semi-products and collected necessary herbs. Unwittingly, I started not only to know but also to feel. This motivated me to connect my fortune with kitchen.

Every day for already 20 years, I have been putting on my chef uniform and starting my work proudly. It’s a creative work for me, first of all. And I have immediate feedback as all my experiments with tastes and flavours are estimated by the most strict critics – guests of the restaurant, their commentaries or praise are best motivation for my team and me.

Of course, it is not enough just to cook tasty food in order to be in charge of a restaurant. My carrier was challenging. Family was against my choice – a cook? a servant? no way! But I did it my own way and have never regretted. I learnt the ropes in a cookery school, and then I hanged around, washing dishes and taking garbage out. However, my way was aimed at the great chef mastery and I still keep developing it.

In dishes, I appreciate quality of ingredients and their right “cutting”. As even the most ordinary products can be served in an extraordinary way. I love surprising my guests with new variations of familiar dishes.

When I really need to have a rest and get my thoughts together, I escape for some time. There is one place, but I won’t name it. An island in Asia as in famous chocolates ads. There I can stay on my own with nature, my emotions and myself. This is my little Paradise that I carefully protect from outside interference. There I derive new strength and inspiration.

I sincerely wish everyone to find his or her own “place of power”, appreciate each moment and get most out of life. Either it is a hobby or a job – let they bring mere satisfaction.

The dish I want to present you today is Sous Vide Beef Cheek, Sweet Sherry Sauce, Perfect Fries and Char Grilled Scallion.

This dish reminds me of the most pleasant thing: what I really love the most to do in the kitchen, where the best ingredients are. And allows me to use the most appropriate technique of cooking from my childhood, as perfect as it is possible.

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About Restaurant:


Le Chef

Hong Kong 41-49 Hennessy Road, Wanchai
+852 2863 7345

Marked in 2015 with special Tatler award as one of the best restaurants of Hong-Kong, Le Chef justly deserves its name.

Located at the mezzanine of beautiful hotel, the restaurant opens for morning gourmets as early as 7 am inviting them for dainty breakfasts.

Le Chef menu harmonically unites Spanish motives and Eastern passion giving bright cooking synergy.

Every day the restaurant offers its guests special gastronomy events, wine nights and loud parties.