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Iryna Mashykhina

Chef-Bartender at Boutiquebar BIANCORO

Kyiv, Ukraine

I am 39 years old, I was born on March, 22nd 1974 in Smela town, Cherkassy district, Ukraine.

At school wanted to be an actress, a stuardess, a pilot… I ended up as the student of Kiev’s Hotel management College in 1991, Public Catering Department. I got my first job as waitress in 1993 in Casino Club First (Intourist Hotel – these days – President Hotel Kievskiy). From that time I understood for myself – I like serving people. To serve people! Not to be their servant! Any way I do prefer the verb – “to take care of guest”. It was bar there, I had started to help bartenders, and fell in love with it. I had great teacher mentors like John Siao, Peter Norton, Steve Kelly who inspired me to become a bartender at first place.

Than I had a professional break – I studied at Westminster College in States, I tried myself in advertisement business. But I have always missed bar, so in 1999, I went back to bar – and since then — I am “naturally born bartender” and I am proud of it!. Or someone can call me barista. Which is also right – “barista” is a bartender in Italian.

I just love being bartender, or barmen, or barista! I feel like a fish in the water when I am in bar.
I feel very privileged to do my job, because it is probably one of the greatest professions in the world! I didn’t have a proper plan to become the greatest bartender ever, I just did and still do what I can do best and what I love to do best. I believe when you have such attitude for what you do – you will get some achievements or a lot of them.

Since 2008 I am part of Sergey Gusovsky’s team. I am proud of it! Sergey believed in me and gave me the great professional opportunity to create my dream bar with a classic cocktail menu. I wanted to share with our guests the beauty and elegant simplicity of “eternal classics” of cocktails such as Old-fashioned, Ramos Fizz, Sours, Dry Martini, Aviation, Slings, Manhattans, Sazerac, Champaign Classic Cocktail, Americano/Negroni, Irish Coffee, Toddy, Rusty Nail, Collins etc……! And we did it. I know for sure when somebody thinks of a good cocktail to enjoy – he or she thinks of Biancoro!

When I am not at work – I like reading, watching movies, travelling and staying with my family!

Time to time I enjoy cooking! One of the dishes to cook are lasagna and tiramisu. Favorite cuisines are Italian and Japanese. Plus I am big fan of Steaks! Bloody ones!

One of my professional achievements is my signature cocktail — Sapphire Infinity, the cocktail that brought me the World Champion title on Bacardi-Martini Grand Prix in 2007. Despite the title it’s the one of best-selling cocktails in my bar, which I consider the most important, because guests are willing to drink it and to pay for it.

I wish readers lots of life energy and good bartenders to serve them. Everything Tasty and High Quality that comes from bar!

Have I told you I am in love with espresso? Best of luck! Sincerely!

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About Restaurant:

Iryna Mashykhina - Chef-Bartender at Boutiquebar BIANCORO_rest

Boutiquebar BIANCORO

Mandarin Plaza, 3d floor (4, Basseinaia St.), Kiev
Tel: 044 498 3468

Of all our restaurants, boutiquebar Biancoro seems to be the most cosmopolitan. Biancoro is not just a convinient place to have lunch or dinner, to drink a glass of prosecco or champagne, or to meet your business partners or friends enjoying a perfect espresso. Biancoro is the territory of traditional Italian aperitivo, a possibility to “turn the page of the day” and set yourself up for a dinner while not bothering yourself with reading the menu – what can be easier than a glass of wine accompanied by stuzzichini?..

Summer sparkling wine festivals has become another important tradition at Biancoro. We held first three of them in 2010 and since that time every summer sets new festival season – a unique possibility to try by the glass interesting rare sparkling wines. For the past three years Biancoro has already hosted wine houses of Taittinger, Billecart Salmon, Ferrari, Ca’del Bosco, Henriot, Bellavista, Nino Franco, Juvé y Camps. And that is just the beginning…