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Jacky Chan

Chef at Tsui Hang Village

Hong Kong

I was born in Dongguan, China and I moved to Hong Kong with my parents when I was 4-year-old. During my childhood, my father worked very hard and my mum was sick, so there was no one to cook for me.

Since the age of eight I started eating out by myself almost every day, and that gave me the chance to try many different kinds of food, especially Cantonese cuisine, which is my all-time favorite. I first entered the kitchen and cook for myself when I was 15-year-old. I made a very simple dish but the fact that I could create something tasty with my hands astonished me.

A year later I decided to become an apprentice chef, as that’s the necessary step to build a career in the culinary world, especially in Chinese society. For 9-month I worked in kitchen and assisted the chefs with preparation work, but no actual cooking was allowed. One day, an opportunity came and it gave me a chance to show that I can cook.

A customer ordered a Yang Chow fried rice while all the chefs went away for break. As I was the only staff in the kitchen, the manager just told me to get the order done. I was very nervous yet excited and I tried to prepare the dish accordingly to what I’ve learned. Just before the dish I cooked was served to the customer, our head chef came back. He had a taste of the dish and said to me, “kid, well done”.

It’s the first time I cooked things for someone else and the positive feedback gave me confidence to continue to pursue my dream in cooking. At the age of 26 I was the chef in charge for an established seafood restaurant and at 29 I became the executive chef.

Actually, cooking is my job as well as my hobby. I love to create new recipes and improvise with anything that I have, no matter they are Asian or Western ingredients. My favorite ingredients are beef and seafood.

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Tsui Hang Village

Tsui Hang Village

For over 40 years, Tsui Hang Village restaurant has been a place for those who enjoy Cantonese cooking. Currently, there are three outlets in Hong Kong that feature classic hand-crafted Guangzhou recipes and authentic Hong Kong-style dishes.

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