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Jérôme Abraham

Chef at Saint-Germain Restaurant

Hong Kong

My name is Jerome Abraham. I am French, and I’m a chef in a French restaurant Saint Germain. It’s a place in Hong Kong with Parisian charm, energy and living spirit of Montmartre.

I was born at the end of the summer 1979, in August 28. I was born in Athis-Mons closed to Paris. But my hometown is St Paul de Vence, where I grew. It’s in Provence, South of France. Growing up in Saint Paul de Vence was amazing. This area is so beautiful… It’s one of the most incredible parts of France. So being and living there has been a chance of my life.

If you ever come to the Cote d’Azur, you just have to visit this place.

I was just 15 year old, when I started my career. It was in early 1994. I was young and full of motivation, enthusiasm, and good will.It’s great when you feel a splash of strength, an energy rash, and know where to destine it.

My first experience was my 1st best memory: discovering the industry, the work, the organization and above all the energy, the atmosphere of the kitchen.It’s like opening the curtain and getting into a crazy, colorful world of cooking. Such a wonderful memories.

I had been lucky enough to travel for my different jobs, in France, Switzerland, London, Monaco and now Hong Kong. New cities, countries, customs, cuisines, cultures, people…That’s what allowed me to find and create my own style.

I also loved to work in nice Palace Hotels and Stars Michelin restaurants with impressive Chefs who taught me a lot. Those employments allow me to perfect my knowledge and style.

I have always wanted to become a Chef. It’s started, I think, when I was 13.

The first reason was that I always loved eating well, the good food. That’s why I wanted to learn how to cook it.

My parents gave me this notion of pleasure. That food is an enjoyment. A moment to share nice time with your friends and family, and enjoy good food together. Good cuisine can provoke so many feelings and sensations.

And I have always loved watching people cooking. It is amazing to think that you can create such astonishing savors and tastes from simple products. All the senses are involved. First the touch of the product, then the smell of the cooking and of the finished dish. The vision of the colors while preparing and of the plate at the end. And finally the taste of the ingredients, and the final dish. The different flavors. The important is too keep the identity of each product. That everything is enough subtly mix to enhance each other without spoiling any of them.

It’s an industry you join because you are a passionate. Passionate of the food, of the flavours, the tastes. You need to love to create, to mix the ingredients, the savours. Always find new tastes by combining different products.

So I started the first time as a traineeship to try, and I knew immediately it will be my life!

I do not have a favorite dish.

I love food in general and the stories you can create with them. I’m lucky to be born in a country where there are plenty of good food from meat to seafood, from vegetables to fruits.

But I have a preference for Mediterranean inspired food (south of France part). I love the sun that you have in those dishes.

I also love the traditional cuisine. The home made one. The one you can have at home. The one your mother or grand mother prepare for you and stir some good childhood memories.

I love adapting my recipes thanks to the season and the ingredients of the moment.

Beside cooking and the food, I love spending moment with my friends. It’s really important for me all the more when you are far from home. Watching movies is a way for me to release the stress and clear my head.

To be based in Hong Kong allows me to travel and discover new countries, new culture, new food. I love traveling it’s essential and it permits to brighten up your spirit and to be more creative after that.

It is difficult to describe with words, but cooking is a real art. Just find some time and try to find a special approach to each ingredient. Turn on all your senses, and surrender to the process. You’ll see, you’ll love it. I also wish that you liked my food. So come to Saint Germain and try it!

Dish in the picture is roasted venison fillet, aromatic «Pomme Anna» & black trumpet mushroom with sauce venison.

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About Restaurant:

Jérôme Abraham - Chef at Saint-Germain Restaurant_rest

Saint Germain Restaurant

Hong Kong, 1A Wong Nai Chung Rd

Tel +852 2836 6131

Cozy restaurant-brasserie with French spirit, witch you will fill with the first step inside. Amazing flavor of Paris envelops you with the first bite, while light noise of laughter, voices echoes from the olive walls. Light and cozy atmosphere, traditional French and a little Asian fusion cuisine. It’s a wonderful place for new discoveries and pleasures!