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Jordi Joan

Chef at Ca l’Isidre

Barcelona, Spain

My name is Jordi Joan. I work in the restaurant Ca l’Isidre since 1988, so during 26 years — and this, as I just realized most part of my life.

I was born in Barcelona, sunny city with fabulous gastronomic possibilities. I didn’t have those thoughts that most people around: to become a bank employee or a director of the company, or for example, a museum worker?

Catering business – it’s our family business. What important is business, really loved by the whole family.

My parents opened the restaurant Ca l’Isidre, when I was 2 years old, in 1970. Looking at the way they live their work and enjoy everything that is happening in the restaurant or associated with it — for me it was absolutely natural desire to continue their work. Perhaps I haven’t seen for myself the other way.

From 3 years old my father took me with him to the market – for a long time we were choosing the best products for the restaurant and it was not a dull affair. It definitely had its magic. Perhaps it’s even better than if he taught me how to surf.

I really liked the food. Noticed my passion, my father helped me get an intern in restaurants in Europe, where I could develop my skills with the best experts and gourmets. One of them was Alan Ducasse — talented chef and restaurateur (you could even find it in wikipedia). He has a network of 27 restaurants around the world now — it’s just amazing! Then I worked with him in the Louis XV in Monaco — I learned a lot and insanely grateful for a great time.

Now my parents continue to work in Ca l’Isidre – my father every day goes to the market and my mother decorate the restaurant.

My favorite cuisine? Pretty boring answer. Catalan! Favorite food is also quite typical – it’s one of the gifts of the Mediterranean, though tortuous. I like Gambas, grilled. There are such big sea shrimps from the Spanish town — Palamos, heart of Costa Brava.

And in contrast with our kitchen — I like fried kidneys. There are enough recipes and in Chinese and Uzbek, Russian and even English cuisines.

I think my interests and hobbies are linked to my main love — food. You could say, I like wine professionally – so far that I became the sommelier. I like to travel and art. And good food in the trips.

I can advise you one thing: get in food not just means to satisfy the desire to be satiated, but also fun! Like the food — one of the most simple and accessible entertainment in this world. Glass of wine and your favorite delicacy could work wonders. And when to you it becomes a little simple gastronomic delights — I’ll always be glad to see you in his restaurant!

Dish, which you see on the photograph – is «Porcini in papillote with fois gras and black truffle.» One of those occasions when the dish even tastier its name.

We are famous for our dishes from mushrooms, so I immediately thought of preparing this recipe. It really is one of the favorite gastronomic wonders for our guests — perhaps even become a cult.

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About Restaurant:

Jordi Joan - Chef at Ca l’Isidre_rest

Adress: C/ DE LES FLORS, nº 12, 08001-BARCELONA
Tel: 93-441.11.39

Family restaurant Ca l’Isidre for 44 years adds to Catalan cuisine modern French notes, by keeping the classic touch of the recipes. Cozy place in the Raval like residents and guests, politicians and the King Juan Carlos. Impeccability of the menu combined with attention to details and sincere smiles – exactly that you want to come back here again, two, three … many times!