Project Description

Karo Guyumjyan

Chef at Salon

Yerevan, Armenia

It’s impossible to know everything. It’s impossible to manage everything. It’s impossible to try everything. However, I fill my life with a whole bunch of new knowledge, work and flavours. I’m neither a revolutionist nor an innovator. I’m Karo Guyumjyan, Armenian and just a good guy. My guests keep telling that I’m an awesome chef of Salon restaurant.

I was born and raised in an ancient and magnificent city of Yerevan. You can hardly be tired of speaking about it: its history and culture, its people, politics and atmosphere. But personally for me Yerevan is a source of personal power, part of my spirit and native soil. Am I a patriot? For sure I am! And I’m very glad that the city welcomes me, a bold guy, in its warm and spicy embrace.

I love to cook, and I always loved. But my dream was to dance. Any other boy would be fond of sport of maths. But I was dreaming of stage and bright costumes. Well, now I have more than enough of audience’s applauses and compliments. In some way, I’m a culinary maestro at my kitchen.

During my young years, despite some doubts, I graduated from a well-known culinary college. I have to confess that there was not so much romanticism in that, it was rather about discipline, education and maximalism. After the college and army, I started working in an Italian restaurant.

Pizza – the most famous eatable symbol of this festive country – played an important role in my career. For 5 years I was sharpening my skills of pizzayola, I was growing and dreaming of something more. And in 2008, having also obtained profound skills in French cuisine, I became a chef. My sansei – Daniel Garibaldi – helped me so much to understand what means to be a real chef, to acquire necessary skills. I really appreciate that so much.

I was living my life and would continue like that if HMG company wouldn’t have made me an offer to become a chef of Salon, an authentic Armenian restaurant. For more than 10 years we are friends with the HNG, and all previous restaurants are part of their friendly gastronomical family. But Salon became something special for me. Awareness of my vocation, my experience and new opportunities help me to find and restore Armenian cooking traditions with greatest accuracy. My big wish is to have not only a taste, but also a spirit of this amazing country in each dish that I create.

That’s the reason all my interests and hobbies are dedicated to searching, tasting and restoring Armenian cooking culture in our restaurant. I, like a devoted neophyte, passionately travel to villages and most distant corners in search of my culinary treasures.

I do believe that I’ll have adherents, same passionate as me, who’ll continue and develop my findings. In this way, we’ll not only demonstrate how tasty Armenia is, but at the same time also create its gastronomic history for our future generations. The Mission is chellenging. Have to go to work on it! And meanwhile please enjoy the veal in sparkling pomegranate sauce, trout fillet with flavoury apricot sauce and cream salad made of most tender eggplants.

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Yerevan  Abovyan st. 8

+374 11 44 33 33

Spacious rooms, cozy atmosphere and unique flavour of Armenia – Salon restaurant is welcoming everyone. Beautiful interior, delicious menu, authentic dishes with ancient history behind and brand-new versions of traditional specialties in Salon will please the most sophisticated lover of good food.

Two floors of gastronomic pleasure are open for old and new friends. Dining room, tearoom, separate brewery and always hospitable hosts are glad to welcome guests every day.