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Lai Yau Tim

Chef at Tim’s Kitchen

Hong Kong

Michelin Starred Chef

My name is Lai Yau Tim. I work as a chef Tim’s Kitchen, opened by me in 2000. Generally, it’s a whole chain of restaurants, and I play with spices, sauces and pans wok in Hong Kong Tim’s.

I was born in Asian city, loved by many Europeans, in Hong Kong. It was in 1949.

To admit, I wasn’t particularly bright at school. What could I do? I found a job in the kitchen before had lent ear to my father. Bright — not bright, and now I own the restaurant with 2 Michelin stars. Always remember that magnificent brain isn’t a guarantee of success.

My journey was quite long — I started my career at age 17 and opened my own restaurant in 33 years. It’s just the job, which seeks to find every person in this world. You know, I could turn off this road not once, but I didn’t. So it’s exactly love.

In 2010, my restaurant received 2 Michelin stars. Nevertheless, I don’t feel myself like a star, and Tim’s Kitchen is a place where always glad to everyone. If you want Michelin pretentiousness, gold forks and serious faces around — it’s not about us. We have a lot of energy, noisily and lively. This is the mood of Cantonese cuisine.

My favorite cuisine is namely Cantonese. By the way, if you live in Europe and sometimes like to order Chinese food with friends in boxes — most likely, it would be exactly the dishes of this cuisine. However, in China, we can still eat snakes and insects, but of course you can confine yourselves pork and chicken.

My hobby is reading. I like reading all kinds of books! Except those that about food. Food is enough for me and without books, so thank you better give me fantasy fiction or detective.

My wish for readers of the project: Love my kitchen! Probably should come up with something more poetic, but I’m just a chef who dreams of his food love more and more people. Here you cooked dinner for your husband (or wife) and he praised you — it’s nice, right? And I have this «nice» every day for years in plural quantity.

On the photo you see Steamed Whole Fresh Crab Claw with Winter Melon.

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About Restaurant:

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Tim’s Kitchen

Shop A & 1/F, 84-90, Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2543 5919

Tim’s Kitchen is a unique Cantonese restaurant, located in a bustling and bright Hong Kong. Despite the 2 Michelin stars, terrific food and atmosphere, you won’t find pretentiousness here. Legacy of Cantonese cuisine and its history, time-tested by recipes and techniques – Tim’s Kitchen will enslave as gourmets hearts and guests who like to taste delicious food.