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Luca De Berardinis

Chef at Ristorante IL MILIONE

Hong Kong

Armani, Valentino, Versace, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli… They dress up people into a quintessence of beauty. For many years they set the tone of the good-looking, fashionable and wealthy women alongside with self-confident, smart and successful men. And all of them belong to Italy, its colorful spirit of traditions, dynasty rules and honor to motherland.

My name is Luca de Berarnidis and I am a designer haute-cuisine! My parents are creative people. Their lives were totally devoted to art and blowing an extraordinary soul into everyday things. Yes, they are designers. But I made my first steps in kitchen and cooking with my grand-parents. They are farmers. White-haired and wet-eyed they welcome me into a world of nature. And I’ve stayed there forever.

What a wonderful childhood I had! With all those garden trees, harvest gatherings and funny stories my grandpa used to tell me in the evening. Too nostalgic for such a young man? Noway!

I’ve been dealing with food for more than 20 years. Feel old enough to look back and still newbie to learn something new every single day. Maybe this is my success recipe I’ll convey to my children some day?

I was a teenager when my father encouraged me to cook. I loved experiments with tastes and textures. The kitchen gave me freedom I needed. And fluently the tasks and routines transformed into my lifetime love. I am a Chef by calling not by birth. And Michelin team also thinks so. Boasting too much for an experienced guy?

Noway! I do believe in inspiration, power of positive thinking and smile. Before I became a Chef I’d had to come through all the challenges the cuisine might bring. I fell asleep over the dirty floor, I served half a thousand of different meals per day, I washed dishes and all the time I was happy to be there.

Am I epicurious? No doubt I am! I adore life and food satisfaction is a part of it. Pastry, meat, national meals, aromas, tastes and secrets — all these things fill my being with a real sense.

The dish I’d like to present is: Ravioli filled with ricotta and lemon from Amalfi, cream of broccoli, cherry tomatoes and coulis of king crab.

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