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Luigi Taglienti

Chef at Il Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala

Milan, Italy

Michelin Starred Chef

I сome from Liguria, was born in Savona in 1979. This is a wonderful Italian region where you can find the best ingredients from the sea to the mountains. Since childhood I have always had a passion for the kitchen. My mother and grandmother like traditional Italian dishes, and I could say so, fell in love with them since the early years of my life.

After I graduated from culinary school in the State Vocational School, I immediately decided to jump into the real world of gourmet, trying to work in the best restaurants, which I could find around Italy and France.

Gradually, year after year, I headed my own vision of the kitchen, learning by the great masters. I tried all the traditional, classical and avant-garde dishes. Fine ingredients and simple food.

I worked at Le Palme D’Or in Cannes, I have traveled half of Europe in 2007 and I was entrusted with my first restaurant. So I became a chef of Ristorante Delle
Antiche Contrade in Cuneo, where earned my first Michelin star.

In 2012 I started working here in Il Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala, across the road from the pride of all Italians, National Theatre Alla Scala and in 2013 received another Michelin star .

I think that Italian food is so gorgeous and appreciated around the world because it is based on the amazing local ingredients and traditions, transmitted from father to son. And at the same time the Italian cuisine is so diverse that from region to region, you can find completely different ingredients in the recipes.

I’m inspired by the classic French and Italian recipes that skillfully given a modern twist by the use of avant-garde techniques. I ‘m always very careful to details and try to use, whenever possible, products that avoid the process of globalization and are part of the food culture of Italy.

In my spare time I like to take pictures in new cities, take a bike and ride the city, considering the people and architecture. I like traveling and discover new cultures and new kitchen.

Dish on the photo: Black and white cuttlefish

I chose it because it’s my vision of modern recipes and the result of all my culinary journey. But l it is still very popular here in my restaurant. Come to Milan, try and you will not remain indifferent to this dish!

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About Restaurant:

Luigi Taglienti  - Chef at Il Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala_rest

Il Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala

Piazza della Scala 5 – 20121 Milano

Tel:+39 02 80688201

Il Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala’s distinctive, straightforward cuisine focuses on balance. The ingredients we use in our dishes all have distinct and recognizable flavors. Chef Luigi Taglienti invites his patrons to savor superb seasonal ingredients treated with extreme respect and rigor in innovative recipes that are traditional with a contemporary twist.