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Micha Schäfer

Chef at Nobelhart & Schmutzig


The noise of voices, the sound of spoons, laughter and controversy – this is the typical breakfast in our big family. I’m the eldest of six children, old beyond years, responsible and at the same time very funny. Do you think I did not have a childhood? Nonsense! We spent all free time outside, come up with the games and always supported, even the crazy ideas of each other. My family sometimes jokes that to become a chef is one of them. I’m Micha Schäfer, Chef at Nobelhart & Schmutzig restaurant, funny guy and a serious leader.

Did I dream to become a chef? Noб of course. As well as any normal boy, I wanted to be a pilot of a spacecraft, a submarine captain or, at worst, a pirate. Not much for myself, I began to cook for our big family, helping my mother at the kitchen. I like to add in the usual dishes new flavors, making them «mine». I as really upset, if someone refuse to try or didn’t eat everything. But I did not give up, try again and again until they got well-fed satisfied smile. And you know what? So I believe the best measure of the success of the restaurant is very silent happy faces of visitors. For what that loud titles and diplomas at walls, if the restaurant is empty?
In fact, my career has developed as the most banal American TV series. He studied theology, was known as an erudite and sharp-witted and earning pocket money went to wash dishes in a restaurant. Wash, wash, and then he was entrusted to clean vegetables, then gradually made simple dishes and was involved. So much so that the boring philosophical treatises and scientific works have gone by the wayside. Many people can read and discuss, but cook beef stew so that guests wept with pleasure and shake your hand? I chose to be a Chef and did not regret.
What do I love? My family, of course. We have three children, the great, noisy, and the very best in the world. They are my joy and the greatest hobby inspiration. I like simple food. The ideal breakfast for me – it’s fruit and homemade yogurt, the main thing that is freshness. Generally good products play a crucial role in the dish, the taste is necessary to emphasize, rather than suppress. This is probably my main principle in the work. And in life, too: to see and feel, to help and support.
For the project I have cooked simple, but unusual dishes. Each of them not only bright, but also combines flavors and textures.
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