Project Description

Mikhail Marchuk

Chef at Touch Cafe

Kyiv, Ukraine

What’s your inspiration? I am inspired with bright colours and wonderful aromas of fresh products. In my head, I create intricate gastronomic puzzles to please restaurant’s customers.

I’m Mikhail Marchuk, Chef at Touch Café.

Actually, my attraction to culinary and creation of dishes wasn’t always that obvious. I accumulated experience, learnt new methods and got special education. As a child, I was a rather good painter. Nowadays, I create palettes of dishes and decorate them prior to serving. Food design is my passion for sure. It lies somewhere between thematic serving, table layout and performance. And such commonplace as eating tasty food becomes a fascinating experience. I adore bringing fantasies and bold solutions to life. But I love genuine fascination of the restaurant’s guest even more. These are they who motivate me the most.

Who is my teacher and a person that inspired me? No, it’s not my mother or grandmother, its Michael Evan – a world famous Chef de Cuisine. My path of acknowledging myself as a chef wasn’t that simple and clear. It took a long time to become professional; I tried different areas and even countries. Moreover, I even gave up the kitchen, and was sure it was forever. But that well-known saying “you can’t escape your fate” appeared to work and I was given a chance again to realize my ambitions on a kitchen stage. And here I am – a happy chef! And I’m not planning to stop.

What is my hobby? To enjoy life! I’m very active, and my mates in the kitchen often complain, in a good way, about my rhythm of work. I love to grasp some new culinary tricks, to teach and to learn. I can’t boast with work in international projects so far. But I’ve visited lots of countries with gastro tours. It’s so great to learn about a country, its culture and history through taste, aroma and technologies of their combination. That was how I felt in love with China one day.

Eastern cuisine and philosophy on the whole is very close to me. There is no place for an accident or negligence there. There are only professionalism, accuracy and unlimited creativity.

That’s why my plans for the future involve development, growth and cooking, of course.

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About Restaurant:

Mikhail Marchuk -a Chef at Touch Cafe_rest

Touch Cafe

Touch Café is a Carte Blanche project, aimed at young customers. Here the European cuisine is delicately combined with some tints of Asian and Ukrainian cuisines to the extent allowing them to avoid conflict. Culinary eclecticism and signature approach make Touch Café especially attractive for its guests. The menu is composed with due account for seasonal and world trends, so that to suite any taste.

Address: 16 Shota Rustaveli Str., Kyiv

Telephone:044 206 4920