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Murat Kaçmaz

Chef at Kadikoy Tantuni

Istanbul, Turkey

I’m 28. I’ve been working in Tantuni business since 1999 and I’ve been a chef for the last 7 years .

I always talk to my customers so there is no distance between customers and me. I treat them as a friend in Kadikoy Tantuni that’s why the work is always a fun. But the most interesting moment was about my mistake when I was cooking. Instead of oil I put some juice in tantuni by accident. Although I put the wrong ingredient I didn’t realize it. After I served it, the customers understood my mistake, but they ignored it because we are like friends with customers. They just wanted to be kind. I cannot forget their faces when they were eating :)

When I was a child I used to work part time. And Tantuni was my favorite food so I used to spend almost all money I earned to eat Tantuni. Then I started working in a Tantuni Restaurant. From that time till now it has been my only business.

I like traditional Turkish Food and fish.

Fishing and taking pictures are my hobbies. Unfortunately, I am very busy with my business that’s why I dont have much time for my hobbies.

I wish to the readers of Food & Chef all best food :)

I’ve chosen this dish, because first of all I like it. It is my first reason to choose it. And although Tantuni is a traditional food you cannot find and taste it whenever or wherever you want. Apart from southern Turkey, there are a few tantuni restaurants in the country. That’s why this dish is in demand. It is a mixture of a specially cooked meat with tantuni, tomato, onion and parsley put into warm lavash or bread.

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About Restaurant:

Murat Kaçmaz - Chef at Kadikoy Tantuni_rest

Kadikoy Tantuni

Osamanga Mah. Leylak Sok. No:1, Istanbul 34714,Turkey
Tel: 02163493541

Tantuni is a kind of dürüm, which is of course a Mersin (a southern city in Turkey) specialty, cooked with small pieces of beef, onions, tomatoes, red peppers and parsley on a special griddle pan.We are cooking this dish for you with all our passion.