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Nikolay Truba

Chef at Babooshka

Odessa, Ukraine

It doesn’t matter, how old you are, if you’re not satisfied with your life.

I’m glad I live grateful and smiling. I live with what I do and fill it with love. I’m sure, my guests can feel it, and they eagerly rely on my culinary experiments again.

My name is Nikolay Truba. I’m a real Odessan, cheerful and young. Don’t ask me about my age. I’m proud of my Soviet childhood, perestroika-era formation and amazing opportunities of the present time.

Cooking, combination of products, types of dishes and methods to create them – I’ve been interested in all these things since I was a teenager. I never hesitated to learn cooking. And I still

learn. Since creation process is never ending.

In the Odessa Economic University, they taught us basic food technologies. This big old building in Troitskaya Street still opens the door to life for many talented young people. When I studied their, education was “traditional”: we attended interesting lectures and bought uninteresting ones. And only years after, I regretted about my “purchases”. But I found necessary books and videos. I listened, watched, read and experimented.

Apart from creating new dishes, sharing my skills while cooking “classics” and studying new gastronomic tendencies, I helped people to correct their nutrition. Healthy living, Ketogenic, paleo and Dukan diets – there are hundreds of nutrition tables nowadays. They are based on  low carbohydrate nutrition, resulting in loss of weight and in attainment of the desirable silhouette. It’s hard for me, as a creator, to name such eating behaviour an adequate one. I stood for harmony in everything. This is what life is all about.

For me, the most tasty food is that of my mother’s. I’m a real Odessan, and it says it all. My mother’s food is simple, plain and unpretentious. And only her dishes are full of special energy – sincere and absolute love.

An attitude like this is important in every business. And I think, it plays a special role in cooking.  Grievances, discontent, sadness and weariness shall be left outside. My kitchen is full of peace. Sounds too perfect, isn’t it? Of course, there are conflicts, arguments and failures. But I learn and teach to be angry with the situation and circumstances, and not with people.

Even the most perfect machine can make an error or be broken. And we, thanks God, are alive and real, and I appreciate it a lot. I always say: “Thanks God, we cook. Thanks God, people eat the food we cook, because it’s tasty”. I appreciate my friendly family and talented team a lot. Together we make people happy.

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Culinary company “Babooshka” provides a set of services for outside catering corporate events, as well as services for the organization of corporate catering.