Project Description

Nina Popova

Chef at Café Centaur

Lviv, Ukraine

I’m 54. I’ve been working as a cook for 9 years. My milestone is chef at café “Centaur”

I worked as a cook for several years right after I finished school, as I liked to cook since childhood. But I had to change my occupation. I tried a range of professions until I finally understood that cooking is my lifework.

My favourite cuisine is Ukrainian, because it’s close to me since childhood. Moreover, I took over some traditions from my mother and grandmother.

All my hobbies are one way or another connected with cooking. I like to experiment, try new products, and create new dishes. I like to invent new ways of serving traditional dishes.

I have little grandchildren. I spend my free time with them. Together we bake cookies and pies, and make rejoicing of it.

Duck stew with couscous is a traditional Lviv dish. For some people, it reminds the taste of childhood.

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About Restaurant:

Nina Popova - Chef at Café Centaur_rest

Café Centaur

Square Rynok 34, Lviv
Tel: +38 (032) 235 55 12
+38 (097) 188 24 45

Cafe “Centaur” is located in the heart of the city at Rynok Square in a historical building of the XVI century – Kamenica Avenshtokovskoy facade is decorated with a sculpture of a centaur with a mug in his hands. In the XIX century it was one of the first vine house in the city.

Cafe “Centaur” serves traditional Lviv menu of local produce. In the small restaurant menu included all meals and drinks, which traditionally townspeople like to cook.