Project Description

Oleg Opria

Chef at Art-cafe Obshchaga

Odessa, Ukraine

I’m 52, and I remember those dormitories. I’ve been involved with the kitchen for 34 years. Deeply involved. And I don’t regret about this. After all, my father worked as a cook for more than 50 years! By the way, my son has been cooking for more than 10 years as well. So, I can say that we are cooks by birth.

I try to avoid any preferences. I try to cook and teach others to cook so that our work can bring happiness and pleasure to people. So that people coming to our café feel homey and gladly come to us again.

Maybe I won’t be original, but I like fishing. And especially the atmosphere in the evening around steaming caldron with a sweet-smelling fish broth. I wish I could bring this atmosphere to our kitchen. But we are trying to do our best.

I’ve chosen the dish «half meter of sausages», because home-made sausages, cooked in our café are that part of homeliness, which is missed by our people.

I think, that food cooked with a heart draws people closer and makes them happier. I’d like to wish happiness to all people! And also a peaceful and clear sky above the head!

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About Restaurant:

Oleg Opria - Chef at Art-cafe Obshchaga_rest


In the heart of old Odessa at Didrihsone street is situated a stylish art cafe “Obshchaga №1”. That’s the name of the world famous Odessa electrical Vasily Ivanovich Didrihsone and set the tone for the interior cafe, which is decorated with such native and familiar to the old generation, and often incomprehensible to young people the things that are found a new life.

All this makes the cafés, so popular and favorite among the young students, sailors and intellectuals of the city of Odessa.