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Oriol Ivern

Chef at Hisop

Barcelona, Spain

Michelin Starred Chef

I was born and outgrow in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. This is the best city on earth. I have traveled and worked in different cities, and returned here, in this city. When I was 13 years old, in 1988, my parents moved to Begues, a small village in the mountains, 40 km from Barcelona. Since that time I began my fascination kitchen. I kept telling my parents that will be one of the best Chefs. And this goal I have carried through the years.

After training in culinary school, I moved to Switzerland to work in «Beau Rivage palace», in order to understand how to construct the kitchen and I was in that place where I really started to learn something. As they say, you get experience in the work, but not in teaching.

After that, I traveled to France, England and Catalonia. I worked and studied in the best restaurants, from the best Chefs. I tried to absorb like a sponge all the nuances, all the lessons that were taught me by my best teacher. It was a great time, and I still have positive memories of all the places where I worked and practiced.

The path of becoming a Chef I can spend through the menu of his restaurant. I saved the best of the places where I worked in my dishes, that I contrive and cook.

Products from which I prefer to cook — so-called wild foods, those that weren’t changed, those which remained in the wild in an unchanged form. These are mushrooms, fish and a game. And it is the best that nature gave us.

I like the sea, often when I’m free, I go out in a small boat in the north of Catalonia, in the town called «tropical haven», fish, swim, and just eat what I catch and that what is being sold in the local market. I like reading, and not only books about cooking, as you could think.

My wish for the readers of this project will enjoy the food everywhere. Life is one and don’t spend it on a bad meal. Try seasonal local food in the journey, looking for the best cafes and restaurants and just experiment in food.

My dish: Quids with fennel, trumpets (mushrooms), and black sausage

I choose this dish because is very typical from the Catalan cuisine mix meat and fish and we called «mar i muntanya» that means «sea and mountain». But in this case we try to get the best from the squid and give some fresh ingredients to balance the black sausage like the fennel.

Since 2001 when we opened our doors to the public the gracious help of friends and customers alike has helped make our dreams come true. Over the last few years we have been awarded special recognition such as a one star rating from the Michelin guide, a one sun rating from the Repsol guide (2009), best young chef 2007 by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy, the Prix Fooding award 2004 (Paris) as well as receiving high marks in Spanish and International guides.

Our way of understanding cuisine is based on the logic behind social and cultural realities that exist in Catalonia. Our goal is to be able to serve creative contemporary cuisine utilizing not only local ingredients but also the traditional or dare we say, classic, flavours that can be attained by doing so. It is from this perspective that we gain the inspiration for our dishes. We strive to give creative touches to our dishes to make our customers feel like they have not only enjoyed the cuisine at Hisop but have also had a pleasurable experience as well. Bon Appetit!

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Hisop Restaurant

Ptge. Marimon, 9, 08021 Barcelona
Tel: + 00 34 932 413 233

In 2001 we opened the doors at Hisop, since then, with the help of all of you, guests and friends, we made a dream come true.