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Patrick Casula

Pastry World Champion


I was born in Grenoble, France. This is the region of Rhône-Alpes. I don’t remember how old I am. Rather I remember, but it doesn’t matter in my age.

In 14 years I understood that I want something to open, explore, and create in a gastronomic sense. I felt a passion for my future work.

In my development an important role played the observance of the right ingredients, the choice of a good product. I will never waste my time on trifles. After all, if you do something, you have to make it to the end.

The possibility to share my knowledge with someone, to work in a creative atmosphere, to have people around who are interested to acquire this knowledge always inspires me.

It is very important to have talent. But most importantly, to work hard with this talent. You should be persistent, otherwise you will never be able to do your job well. You must be able to adapt to all conditions. I’m always in the move, I go from one country to another, so, for me it is very important to adapt quickly.

I devote a lot of time for new ideas and developments. I also teach and travel a lot with the performances. I am always open for people, because when you come to another country, you should always be able to find a contact with those people who will be working with you.

I used to respect everyone in the kitchen: from the dishwasher to the chef. I’m always open to people who work in the kitchen, and if they want something to ask me, they can always do this.
For this way you need to love the people and your work. And also enjoy those meetings that life gives us.

I always meet new, unusual and extraordinary people. It enriches me. In order to be happy, we must be able to share with others.

I love the painting and the architecture. I love the simplicity, not only in the ingredients, but in the relationship too. First of all, I would like to express my feelings without limitations, to give the best of me, in spite of any difficulties. When I have a project, I’m always in it, from the beginning to the end. You should be in it if you want to find the correct direction of all the undertakings.

I became Pastry World Champion due to the ability to give myself to the work. You must always allow yourself to go beyond the frames that seem to you insurmountable.

The man doesn’t know his abilities and opportunities. If you don’t go to the very end, you’ll never be able to rise the incredible heights. But when you go up — this is happiness.

Work and passion are inseparable. This is the only way to be happy. Passion is always some kind of suffering, but they also allows you to break out far beyond the realm of possibility. If you don’t make any effort, you will get any results.

I am not choosy about food, but demanding. When ordinary dishes are prepared correctly, it is extremely delicious. It is not necessary to eat foie gras and caviar every day, you can enjoy the simple things. Respect food that you cook. Products should always be the first freshness.

In the photo the dessert of dark chocolate «supreme» with hazelnuts and coffee-orange sauce.

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