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Philippe Duc

Chef at SPOON by Alain Ducasse

Hong Kong

Taste to life, hint of epicurious living and bright emotions these all could be easily called a wonder. But wait! These all is what I have inside for as long as I live. So, I am I a wonderman? No, I am just an inspired chef of SPOON restaurant.

I am Philippe Duc and I enjoy my profession as a real part of my inner space.

It is no wonder I’ve become a chef as my childhood was tightly connected with gardening. My grandparents lived in Ruan and I helped them with planting, selecting and watering all the possible kinds of grocery, vegetables and even fruits.

To tell the truth, my mother was surprised by my desire to step into a kitchen path. She even tried to persuade me in an architecture’s better future, but failed.

And again, it was half fatum, half mere coincidence that the culinary courses started earlier than the architecture art ones. And from the very first class I’ve lost my sleep and all the hobbies apart from the cooking, trying, cutting, baking and all around once again.

My teachers were not just good theoretic lecturers, they showed me all the hints they knew, opened a board-less world of tastes, aromas and dishes I am developing every day till now. And will keep doing!

After the courses were over, I’ve entered a college community at La Rochelle and improved my baking skills in Reims. While in Reims I was eagerly percepting the knowledge chef Vincent Dalle shared with me. I am a lucky boy, as well as a smart one. When my extended practice at “Relay” Desserts: Epernay was over, I was already a certified chocolate and caramel master.

But the next milestone was even bigger. I was paying my military dues to France in Hotel de Matignon. It was a special place being an official residence of the Prime Minister. Can you imagine the level of responsibility and service we’ve had there? It was a great and ambitious experience which opened the door of the Alain Ducasse Enterprise to a simple farm boy. Ok, I was already an experienced cook by that time, but felt like a boy, still lucky and smart one.

Since than I’ve been ruling kitchens at Plaza Athenée Hotel and Alain Ducasse Enterprise School. I found myself willing to share the knowledge and skills I have with the young inspired minds.

SPOON Alain Ducasse at InterContinental Hong Kong returned me to a practical cooking. I am still here and am really feel at my place. And want to remind you about my true taste to life and bright emotions which brought me where I am now.

The dish

This dish impacts the philosophy of the SPOON restaurant. Brave mixes, only fresh products from the local variety and a pinch of creativity. Here we combine eggs, truffles, cancer and airy souffle. This is hard to be described in words, but you should try the aroma and taste. It is unbelievable.

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About Restaurant:

Spoon by Alain Ducasse

SPOON Alain Ducasse

2 Michelin Star owner, the SPOON restaurant is a great impersonalisation of what the fusion cuisine is. It has nothing common with the snobbish haut-couture weird food. Here we are like hospitable parents always ready and happy to welcome our guests with our best menu. Either eating or wine drinking, one could relax and enjoy the time. And we will take care of all the rest.

Adress:  InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury RoadKowloon, Hong Kong

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