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Ruslan Vycherov

Pastry Chef at Pizza&Grill

Odessa, Ukraine

One can think that Pizza&Grill has only pizza and grill food – similar to famous world Burger & Lobster chain, where you can eat everything provided it is burger or lobster. But despite its simple name, I work at Pizza&Grill in Odessa, and I specialise in a completely different food.

My name is Ruslan Vycherov. I’m a Pastry Chef in the above mentioned chain in the city, where people still dry their clothes on ropes in yards of the central streets. And they shall be definitely multicoloured. This is Odessa!

I was born in Donetsk Oblast in 1975. I grew up a bit and started showing my mischief and artistic skills at once . I’m not sure my parents thought my drawings on wallpapers and a mattress in my parents’ bedroom were artistic, but I was definitely sure.

My love for sweets goes back to my childhood. Granny says that when I was 5, I used to be quite inventive to steal candies from a vase (remember, we used to have those crystal vases?) I was reaching for a candy and was frightened to death! I was afraid I could be punished, but my passion for candies was stronger.

My professional activity began in 1997, when I entered Kramatorsk Food college. I remember, when I was a group leader in a summer camp, I used to draw sketches of pastries and cakes, while children were having fun.

When I got my first serious job as pastry designer, that very year I won in a competition of well-known pastry chefs twice. It was something special! Mass-media took interest in me and I even enjoyed basking in fame for the first time.

When I felt I didn’t have enough space, I understood I want a breath of fresh air of creativity, knowledge and skills. That’s why I moved to Kyiv. I lived there from 2001 to 2013, and I then I moved to Odessa.

If to speak about interesting moments of my career – I underwent training in France three times, learning from such maestros as: Patrick Chevallot, Patrick Casula, Bruno Pastorelli, Jean-François Langevin, Arnaud Gautier and Bruno Curet.

In 2011, I became Pastry Chef of the Year in Ukraine and was among three winners of PinchukArtCentre. My chocolate clocks were exhibited all over the world!

And in 2012 one of my creations became Dessert of the Year in Ukraine. I just felt ‘Wow!’

My favourite cuisine is Italian and Georgian. I like simple, plain and natural food. As for the sweets, I love French ones, they have great pastry!

My hobbies are travelling, photography (especially macro!), esoterics, cycling, skating, mountain tourism.

The dessert in the photo is Tiramisu. This is an old and well-known dessert, but I demonstrated that it can be different – young and versatile. Everything depends on your fantasy…

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About Restaurant:

Ruslan Vycherov - Pastry Chef at Pizza_Grill_rest


Tel: +380 48 7 700 807

Pizza & Grill is a chain of restaurants in Ukrainian city at the Black Sea – Odessa. Comfort and stylish forms, steaks and pizza with special taste. Whatever mood you have, whoever your companions are, Pizza & Grill will magically create the atmosphere you need.
Enjoy sweet art, implemented in ingredients. This is an art, you can eat!