Project Description

Sascha Ludwig,

Chef at Filetstück das Gourmetstück


Thuringia is a small land, geographically the same tiny as my native Hera. Its population hardly amounts to a hundred thousand inhabitants. And no large industrial objects. A typical quiet province with a steady rhythm and German traditions. And my understanding of eternal values has originated from all that. My name is Sasha Ludwig, I’m a chef of the “Filetstück das Gourmetstück” restaurant.

What are the eternal values for a guy from the provinces? They are like this: a family, respect, love, children and, of course, delicious food. No harmony and basics without it. And it doesn’t matter its style or a national tone. Food should necessarily be fresh, attractive and prepared with good vibes.

Despite my philosophical reflections, I’m a very down-to-earth person. Ambitions and thrill for self-expression drove me far away from Hera. I studied, worked, studied and worked again, but far better already. It is an ongoing and perhaps seamless process. There are world-known restaurants, recognized and awarded by the Michelin Guide, in my CV. This is a tremendous honor for any chef to be part of the “star” team. Besides the self-exaltation, first of all it means an unprecedented level of discipline, responsibility and professionalism. I sincerely wish every chef to get such a unique experience.

The more I worked with people and for people, the more I realized that good products and proven suppliers, stylish interior and accurate presentation were the logical stage on the way to a really good meal. The emotion is the basis of all this. My emotion during cooking food, guest’s emotion during his meal. It’s really important for me to be inspired and inspire. Energy exchange in all this.

Like any man, I am passionate about sports. Sometimes I do some sport, more often I cheer for my favorite football team. I like to go to the market. That’s already a sort of professional deformation effect. I wander around, look, sniff, come up with combinations, imagine the ready-made dish. That’s my way to have fun.

For the project I’ve chosen dishes that delicately combine all kinds of flavors and textures, and they still look very attractive on the plate. I stand for the beauty and taste!

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About Restaurant:

Filetstück das Gourmetstück

FILETSTÜCK CharlottenburgWilmersdorf

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