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Sergey Neboga

Chef at Pomodoro

Odessa, Ukraine

I’m 31. I’ve been cooking tasty food for my friends and guests of restaurants for 13 years, and I enjoy it a lot. Destiny has chosen this path for me with good reason and I’m happy to follow it, proudly wearing my cook hat. I’ve been working in Pomodoro since it was founded. I saw it birth and rising. Previously, I had worked for about 7 years in other restaurants of the chain. We’ve become a real ‘Italian family’, which I gladly spend time and share my ideas and can go through hard times with. I’m happy with relations with my colleagues. And owners’ care can compete with that of the parents.

I could have never become a cook. Because it was a mere accident that I became a student at the Food Industry Technical College. But I knew what I wanted, when I went to the Academy of Food. At that period I understood that it was my destiny. I got involved in cooking and I liked that. When people are happy, pleased and want more, I realize this is really mine, and that I’m good in it.

What do I dream about? I dream about creating a new dish, a unique one, which has never existed before.

What’s my favourite cuisine? I like cuisines from all over the world. Each of them is interesting in its own way. Each of them is original and distinctive. Today we can try any cuisine. We can go by plane to any country to try local food and go back home then. Or we can go to a restaurant or a café, offering atmosphere and taste of national cuisine in the place we live. They invite chefs and order products from abroad. So there’s no need to fly anywhere too often. It’s very convenient! I’m glad I live in these wonderful times, offering so many opportunities.

What are my hobbies apart from cooking? I watch football. I also used to play this game. But now I don’t have enough time for this. This is cooking which is my real hobby, though it may sound as a commonplace. I also collect recipes, and grow domestic plants. I may sound as an old man, but there’s something cosy, intimate and family-like for me. I even managed to grow an avocado in Pomodoro. The tree is rather big now. Now it’s time to build a house and bring up a son. These are the plans I’ve got.

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About Restaurant:

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Pomodoro is a part of a big restaurant chain, offering high quality products, pleasant atmosphere and a comprehensive menu for the whole family. Pomodoro restaurants can be found in all areas of Odessa. Playgrounds for children and experienced babysitters, comfortable sofas and an extensive range of Italian dishes have been attracting lots of families to Pomodoro for many years.

Akademic Glushko Av., 14/7

Теl.:(048) 772-70-22

Marshala Zhukova Av., 2

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Shevchenko Av. 2а

Тel.:(048) 772-70-44

Zatonskogo Str.,32

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Gorky Park

Теl.:(063) 521-43-04