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Stukotin Vladimir

Raw Chef at Premier Palace Hotel

Kiev, Ukraine

You are what you eat. This is a well-known axiom. Eating fresh food prepared with high-quality products and proper techniques is a valuable donation to a healthy life. But you can do even more for your wellness. Dishes made with love and knowledge are trendy in our restaurants today. That is why I am spreading a raw food philosophy, with its ancient roots and modern interpretation. I am Vladimir Stukotin, a raw chef. I would not say I am unique. But still a rare sample!

I am deeply thankful to my parents. They gave me freedom to choose. And day-by-day I am getting more confident of a proper choice I’ve made. My mother cooked well. I could hardly recall any of the dishes she made, but still feel the intimate atmosphere of her kitchen. I used to sit beside the oven and absorb the aromas, tastes and sounds around. I tried to cook first being a curious kid of 7. My borsch was red as fire, tasted hot as fire and required water. Fire-borsch!

I am deeply thankful to my teachers. Older chefs believed in me and hopefully have no regrets. I was only 17 years old when started working as a cook in one of the hotels in Donetsk. I had finished the food processing college and understood I knew nothing. And every single day I discovered a wonderful and dangerous world of products, kitchen gadgets, cuisines and serving rules. I also listened to my inner emotions and tried to fill each dish with my possible best. I trained my memory, body and soul for my food to bring people not only physical, but also mental satisfaction.

I am deeply thankful to the time I am living at. I am capable to study and test thousands of cultures and national cuisines to pick the beloved one. For the past 3 years I’ve changed my life. Still being a curious boy I’ve dived into the food processes deeply than they might require. I have read, watched and listened to many doctors, cooks and philosophers, participated in discussions and meet-ups and made a conclusion the raw food to be the most useful one. Unusual statement a cook could make, isn’t it? I eat fruit, vegetables, drink juices and pure water, enjoy simple life pleasures and feel the happiest man in the world. For these 3 years of raw living I’ve created many dishes, which keep the original taste, nutrition and aroma of each product I put in them. I treat it as if a voice of Mother Nature speaking to my guests through my food.

Thus I am deeply thankful to all the guests visiting “Premier Palace” and making their choice to eat raw cuisine. I do believe I am making their lives better and healthier.

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About Restaurant:

Premier Palace Hotel

Premier Palace Hotel

Shevchenko Boulevard/ Pushkinskaya Street 5-7/29, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel: +38 044 244 1200

Premier Palace Hotel is situated in a picturesque place in the heart of Kiev. It displays amazing views to Shevchenko boulevard, Olympiysky stadium and Khreschatik. The building was created at the beginning of the XX th century with its outstanding architecture and spirit. The “Terracotta” restaurant occupies the 8th floor, and the roof is taken by “Atmosfera” restaurant.