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Tamara Mattii

Chef at La Piola

Hong Kong

My name is Tamara Mattii. And currently I am an executive chef in La Piola restaurant. Even when I repeat this for several times, I could hardly believe it.

I was born in Pisa, Italy. This country is well-known for its passion to gastronomy, high-quality products and eating culture. Since I recall myself, I was always dreaming about feeding my family with the dishes I made. My young years could be simply called “fiesta”. As I adored parties, especially the moment of welcoming people to try the meals. I was absolutely happy when all the faces were shining with satisfied smiles and souse.

Now I am eager to share my knowledge, my experience and my vision. I am in love with food creation for already 30 years. And what is also important for a creative personality is to be open to the world. I could never dreamed of travelling so far. Asia has changed my spirit completely. It uncovered the very intimate emotions I’ve had about the food and the kitchen management in particular. I think, Hong Kong is a melting pot of people. It suggests unique opportunity to work with Chinese, Filipinos, Nepalese and Vietnamese people. I’ve learnt a lot about Asian culture from them.

Most of all I like preparing handmade pasta and desserts. My routs are telling more about me. I may call my favorite recipes from my beloved Italy: “pappa al pomodoro”, “trippa alla fiorentina” and “fettunta”.

I may advise the readers never to lose the passion for challenges, always look for something new and try alternative ways.

The dish we’re going to taste is called “agnolotti del plin” chosen for its history, the ingredients used and its name.

This is a typical homemade pasta from Piedmont filled with “castelmagno” (the king of Italian cheeses) cheese and traditionally called “plin” because of the way to handle it in order to give it its shape. Traditionally was made by the women on Sundays in the big farm houses. In this case it’s served in a “parmigiano” basket after been sautéed with butter and sage.

Simple and delicious!

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About Restaurant:

La Piola

La Piola

“La Piola” is a real Italian restaurant and wine bar in Hong Kong. Wonderful Piemonte cuisine from the heart of Italy created by native italian chef will impact everybody with its taste. There is also a huge selection of Italian wines and coffee-based beverages.

“La Piola” creates a very special “like-home” atmosphere. Hence, this place is suitable for both family dinners and romantic dates.

The interior of the restaurant is made for the best experience every guest might have while visiting it. There is a pasta making lab, open kitchen area, authentic wine cellar and bar. All these add to positive emotions and an instant wish to come back.

Address: G/F + 1/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, 2-10 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

tel.: +852 2851 2281, fax: +852 2851 2511, e-mail:,