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Tomáš Kysela

Chef at Cukrkávalimonáda

Prague, Czech Republic

My name is Tomas (Tomáš — including Czech diacritics) Kysela and I am a proprietor and chief-cook Cukrkávalimonáda. It is a small cafe and restaurant in the center of Prague. The unique method to translate my name into English is literally Sugarcoffeelemonade.

I was born in 1968 here, in Prague. Then it yet there was a socialistic country, and we taught Russian in school. I am very inspired by this great country, USSR, and consider that people which able to build it are indeed strong personalities. But will go back to my café.

Cukrkávalimonáda was founded in 2000. Soon after opening I decided independently to become at a flag and prepare to own guests. I thought of recipes, day after day, I had no previous experience, not official courses; I took not a single lesson of cookery. I simply wanted, that all was very delicious and wanted, that all, that is done in my cafe, it liked people.

Errors was followed one by one, I passed all process of organization of public food consumption, not having an experience. But I held eyes opened and listened all, with whom I had to co-operate: personnel, suppliers, friends, but also clients above all things.

And gradually, step by step I did exactly that, that wanted in beginning. My cafe so became successful, that about him set about a rumour on a few continents. My clients are the stars of the cinema, singers. Here for example now, the scenario writer of «Star Wars has dinner in a nearby hall». He is a permanent guest in Cukrkávalimonáda.

I always liked a simple home kitchen, regardless of it was prepared by my mother or one of old women somewhere in Sonth Italy. I use recipes, where no more than three ingredients. Power is in simplicity. Original taste of dish is so saved only. Yet I like to enjoy and discover the different tints of taste in a meal. Each of them interesting, it is very important, to catch a necessary moment, to enjoy these.

But my basic work, besides Cukrkávalimonáda is glassworks. Yes, I am a designer of glass. I like to draw my ideas by hand, by a pencil on a paper and give the drafts in one age-old glass factory in the north of Czekh. They with care behave to my sketches and always execute any my сranks

On a photo you can see, it is one of favourite desserts of my guests. It is my idea. When will be in Prague, necessarily make attempt this dish. It is very delicious.

And yet I very am proud of the traditional Prague dessert which is given in my cafe. It is the Prague strawberry pancake. He is a bit thicker, than standard, classic creps, and made from fresh eggs, flour and full-milk. I fill him curd, seasoned grated orange citron and pinch of salt. And three ingredients from above: fresh strawberry, whipped cream and leaves of mint.

Bon apettit!

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About Restaurant:

Tomáš Kysela - Chef at Cukrkávalimonáda_rest


Lázeňská 7, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic
+420 257 225 396

As ones job should be both the pasion and the hobby, since the very opening of Cukrkavalimonada restaurant our cook tandem tries to bring you the maximal passion in every food served. Fresh pasta, salads or pancakes are just a bits of cooking art that you can enjoy at our place.