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Tomasz Czyżycki

Chef at «Cyrano de Bergerac» Restaurant

Krakow, Poland

My name is Tomasz Czyżycki, I’m 33 years old. I was born in Krakow, Poland. My adventure with real cooking started 14 years ago. After finishing gastronomic school I started working in one of the top restaurants in southern Poland which was serving French cuisine. After 3 years of experience I was promoted for the First Deputy Chef.

Searching for knowledge and new challenges I moved to the restaurant in the very heart of Krakow, where I had an opportunity to learn European and genuine Polish cuisine.

After few years of working in Poland it was time for foreign adventure. I spend 2 years on Jersey (Channel Island). As a Deputy Chef of the restaurant near the shore I had the opportunity to work on splendid sea food and fell in love with the outstanding both in quality and taste British meats.
After that I came back to Poland and decided to learn mysteries of, this time, Italian cuisine.

Three years passed and then my craziest adventure in the world of cooking had begun – next 4 years I worked as a personal Cook for the owner of one of Krakow’s Football Teams and one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world.

The chance to use the best and the most sophisticated products from all over the world was a great challenge for me, but also an amazing pleasure.

Life writes uncanny scenarios, by the quirk of fate I am now the Co-Owner and Chef of the very first restaurant that I had started my cooking journey in — “Cyrano de Bergerac” in Krakow. Basing on French cuisine, my favorite, I’m using all my experience mixing cooking techniques and tastes.

My free time, which I cannot say I have lot of, I devote to my family, my wonderful wife and kids Natalia and Patryk. They are my greatest success. As often as it’s possible we take trips to the mountains, which I adore and give me great dose of calm.

I would like to present You Lamb Chops with herbs and Foie Gras. One of my beloved dishes that combines classic taste with the modern manner.

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About Restaurant:

Tomasz Czyżycki - Chef at «Cyrano de Bergerac» Restaurant_rest

“Cyrano de Bergerac” Restaurant

Restaurant “Cyrano de Bergerac”
ul. Sławkowska 26, 31-014 Kraków
Tel:+48 12 411 72 88

We are pleased to announce our presence in the Michelin Guide Main Cities of Europe 2014.

The building at 26 Sławkowska Street which houses Cyrano de Bergerac in its cellar has a nearly five-hundred year old tradition. The tenement-house was built within the Northern part of the city’s fortifications raised in 13th-14th century to repel Tatar invasions.

The first written information about the inhabitants comes from the year 1598. It has been listed in the Register of Monuments as one of the few tenement-houses in Cracow. People of various professions lived here, among them goldsmiths, bakers and gingerbread makers. In 1841 Kazimierz Robacki, a violinist and cathedral chanter’s son established Miodosytnia K. Robackiego (Mead Cellar of K. Robacki), which started a tradition of gastronomic activity at 26 Sławkowska Street. Honey, the basic material for mead production was brought from Ukraine and Podola. It was brewed on the premises of the Corpus Christi Church in Kazimierz. Afterwards it was taken to Sławkowska Street 26 where it was warmed and enriched with special herbs and spices. Prepared in this manner, the mead mellowed in storage for several years in quarters called Korzenna which are today’s cellars of Cyrano de Bergerac. The mead cellar itself was situated on the ground floor of the building.