Project Description

Vitalii Voroncihin

Chef at GastroBar

Chisinau, Moldova

I’ve never considered geographical borders as barriers. Neither for art, nor for life. It’s strange to map pointless lines and establish fences around you. Perhaps this is why being born in small Khotyn on the territory of picturesque coasts of the Dniester River, I had no problems with submerging in culture and peculiarities of other countries.

Am I a traveller? For sure! I’m a culinary wanderer. My name is Vitalii Voroncihin, I’m a chef at BBQ and representative of The Big Green Egg in Moldova. I also manage the kitchen in one of the most successful projects – GastroBar.

There was nothing remarkable in how I started, my life resembling that of many others. I learnt something in school, then in the Economic Academy in Chisinau, then I worked as someone. But suddenly I clearly realized – I don’t want that something any more. I want to be, create, to treat. That’s how my life turned to conquering culinary picks.

Of course, I understood that I would have to face thorns, lots of thorns first, and only then perhaps roses. But that didn’t stop me and in 2003 I became an assistant pastry chef. Everything was interesting and new for me: methods, technologies, products choices, serving – I was like fish in water. It took four years to become a sous chef. I became surer in my skills, supported with sincere positive feedback from my guests and friendly approval of my colleagues.

Then six more months passed, and I became a confident chef in charge of a restaurant kitchen.

I don’t have a single favourite among national cuisines or dishes. I appreciate Mediterranean cuisine for its bright colours and natural tastes. At the same time, I admire Middle Eastern pinpoint accuracy of mixed tastes. Aromas and spices of this cuisine are really wonderful. But I do enjoy grill and typical US barbeque style. I like different styles, tastes and experiments. What’s the most important thing? A pleased smile of a guest, of course.

Members of my family are the most favourite testers and the most biased critics. I’m surrounded with beautiful ladies. It’s no laughing matter – I’ve got two daughters and my beloved wife. They support me not only in my work projects. They also share my hobby – cycling. Under pressure of my authority, my colleagues and employees also begin to understand it. This is so great to be in tune with your loved ones and colleagues. Although, it is more appropriate to say to ride side by side with the same speed to one goal.

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About Restaurant:



66 Bernardazzi Street, Chisinau

GastroBar is located in the very heart of Chisinau. It was created as a high-level disciple of BBQ culture. Interior of the restaurant is decorated and filled in all senses with Big Green Egg barbecue cookers. They can be found right in the centre of the room, and guests can participate in cooking process. Such approach is new and still unique for the city. GastroBar kindly opens its doors to all connoisseurs of tasty food, for either loud lunches, or corporate celebrations.