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Yan Nguyen

Chef at Martini Terrazza

Kyiv, Ukraine

Do you remember that well-known lyrics of Sting’s song I am an Englishman in New York? I can easily sing about myself as a Kyiv native with Vietnamese roots.

One would expect someone who’s going to turn 33 to think about enduring values, but I’m still that small Kyiv boy.

My name is Yan Nguyen. I’m happy to live and create in a city of chestnuts and endless quays of the blue-grey Dnipro River. Did I dream about becoming a chef in a cap? Of course, not! I was an ordinary mischievous guy full of brilliant ideas. I was as mischievous as a monkey.

But I always knew what I wanted. I wanted to dance. And my life was for a long time connected with the art of movement. This is definitely my element. And thoughts about food and its creation were mainly shaped in my crazy head by bright images from my childhood.

Here’s my father cooking sweet smelling prawn pancakes. And there are red lanterns of chili peppers he used to cherish on the windowsill. And here are my brother and me preparing a bit clumsy cakes and cookies: grey sweet and sticky mass.  And failed ‘masterpieces’ were  thrown out of the window without any doubt. A carpet bombing, so to say!

As a teenager, I used to deliver food for lunch. That was the first time I saw the cooking process from the other side and I got lost there. Dared and inquisitive by nature, I faced every knew challenge to learn like crazy. What was I learning? Actually, everything: combination of tastes, colours, smells, visual elements and physical and chemical part of food creation.

The food must be tasty. There’s no sense in it otherwise. Life shall be comprised of mosaics of pleasant moments and a bit of edgy emotions. As any good dish. my life is full of love. Love to my wife and daughter: these amazing women create an incredible comfort and are very caring. Love to my brother: he’s a great chef, my companion and best friend.  Love to my work: I’m a Chef at Carte Blanche restaurant network, namely in Arena Beer House, Decadence House and Martini Terrazza. And love to food, eventually! Love keeps inspiring me with new brilliant ideas, and due to love I’m always ready to conquer new peaks of the Culinary Olympics.

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About Restaurant:

Yan Nguyen - Chef at Martini Terrazza-rest

Panoramic restaurant Martini Terrazza

2a Baseina Str., Kyiv Arena Entertainment, 3rd floor
Tel: +38 044 561 6181

In the menu of Martini Terraza you will find the improvisation regarding Asian cuisine – variety of seafood is complemented by grill-menu composed of chilled organic meat. The sommelier will assist you to make your choice out from more than 100 wine species which fit for any meal. Martini Terrazza in the evening is the perfect place for pre-party. Cocktail menu includes the best classic recipes and author’s cocktails from the chief barman.