Project Description

Yuriy Chernous

Chef at Ryba Chok

Kyiv Region, Ukraine

Living life is not like crossing a meadow.(c).

My meadow is endless! And I keep discovering new wonderful horizons, flavours and accept new challenges. Can’t help being so curious. I just can’t get enough:  knowledge, experience, emotions. I love to learn and love to teach. Or even rather share myself than teach. It is so cool, when you see how your colleges, friends, finally children grow. And you don’t just stand nearby – you help them, direct and contribute. This is how I see my mission.

My name is Yuriy Chernous. And despite my age specified in the passport, I’m a boy who has dedicated all his life to the art of cooking.

Yes, now I’m a professional chef, brand-chef, respected cook with more than 20 years of experience. But when I started I was just a skinny soldier on the territory of friendly Germany. I was on military service when I realized I liked cooking, inventing serving and being happy with pleased faces of my guests.

My beloved grandmother instilled special awe and respect to kitchen rituals. I’m really thankful to her for inspiration, for believing in me and of course for honest criticism and even scolding. I would have unlikely become a chef without her.

I have the specialized education and I’m a cook with many diplomas. First I graduated from Kyiv Cooking College, then Higher Cook School and almost simultaneously I studied for psychology teacher. I suppose there are no accidental or useless knowledge. It is necessary to constantly update and cultivate them and never stop.

I lived in the Czech Republic and worked with outstanding chefs. Just imagine – me and starry cooks, gods of kitchen according to Michelin. I was very busy absorbing, listening, trying, asking questions and setting up trailblazing experiments. Maybe this was the most significant time in my carrier. Actually that instilled confidence: I’m doing MY business. In this way I had studied and lived in the Czech Republic for almost 5 years trying different methods and national cuisines until I finally took a decision to return home.

At home, I managed to take part in many successful projects as sous-chef, chef and brand-chef. “Dixieland”, “Impressa”, “Zaporozhie”, “Edelweiss” and “Valters” are excellent restaurants with friendly team and new cuisine master-pieces each time.

Apart from the restaurant management, I also tried my hand at catering. This is a separate niche, very requiring and dynamically improving. It is quite interesting but I can’t say I was really attracted.

Have I told you I love to share everything I have? I continue doing this with pleasure and on a wide scale. I also used to actively consult Nova, In Ukrainian, Blik printing editions and Vechirniy Kyiv online magazine. And I’m also academic teacher in Hector Jimenez-Bravo Culinary Academy. By the way culinary shows are also a stage of my career. Ukrainian Fashionable Cuisine at STB Channel and Extreme Culinary where I’m still taking part are excellent platforms to work with wide audience. I like telling about products, explain processes and make small culinary holidays for people. It’s better than stressful news or debates.

I think I have succeeded in guessing wishes. Maybe that is why I often receive the most sincere thanks from guests, and I’m always ready for new trends of culinary fashion.

For many years, my main hobby has been collecting old ethnic recipes. I love nature. I love taking photos of the world around. I love my life.

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About Restaurant:


Ryba Chok

+38 096 366 51 88

Address: 4, Goncharenko Str., Zabirya village, Kyiv Region


County restaurant with domestic original cuisine. The restaurant is located outside the city, which is reflected both in its interior design and menu. Graceful chalet arches, special homelike coziness and charm create a unique atmosphere of a country house. The restaurant has two rooms: one for 50 and another for 40 persons. The upper level overviews the restaurant kitchen. Such design allows all guests to be involved in creation, cooking and serving of dishes. Our guests are especially pleased with ordering fish, caught in one of the lakes especially for them. This is a real rest for real gourmets.